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The man flashed on girl gets ‘heroic’ reception at jail gate

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Kerala (VSK).

The culprit jailed for flashing on girl was garlanded at the jail gate when he was released on bail. The incident took place in Aluva, Ernakulam district, on June 3, 2023. The reception was organised by ‘Kerala Men’s Association’, an outfit which Keralites have never heard before. Savad Shah was in jail in connection with the case for flashing on a young actress, in the KSRTC bus on May 16 near Aluva. He sat in between plaintiff and another girl. Girl said, he started to misbehave by touching their bodies unnecessarily. When she protested, she says, he opened the zip of his trousers and resorted to do the ‘undesirable’ action, a taboo in public. When she protested, he paid no heed. She (plaintiff) videographed his action with her mobile phone. Then the man got down from the bus and fled. The conductor and driver chased him, caught hold of him and handed over to the police. He was produced before the court and remanded.

Now, plaintiff says, it is a shame that Savad was accorded a warm reception at the jail gate when he was released on bail. She says, despite Savad booked for a dirty deed, she, the plaintiff, is ‘stoned’ whereas the culprit gets flowers. Her profession suffers. She is being insulted in social media. She suffers discomfort in opening her social media account. She is hounded mercilessly in the social media. She says, the other girl, who sat on the other side of the culprit, was afraid to file the complaint; she was afraid, it would affect her job and modesty. She said, she would carry on her legal battle against Savad. But the man who opened the zip in the bus is garlanded, as if he is a freedom fighter. She said, she got several messages from several people explaining bad experiences they had from Savad. They regretted, they could not complain those days.

Kerala Men’s Association had declared in advance that they would receive him at jail gate when he gets bail. They allege that she was raising a false complaint for increasing the followers for her Instagram account.

Observers think that there is a conspiracy, behind this Kerala Men’s Association initiative against plaintiff in favour of Savad Shah, either political or religious. The nature of social media attacks against her force them to think so. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, it is not possible to form such an organisation, within such a short span of time, to support such an accused.

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