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The mediaeval concepts of Jihad must stop – Alok Kumar

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Bareilly. The Bareilly (U.P.) Mahanagar unit of Bajrang Dal protested here against the brutal murder of the Hindu youth Kanhaiya Lal by Islamic Jihadists in Udaipur, Rajasthan and the growing radical Jihadi dogmatism in the country. Addressing the protesters, the Central Working President of VHP Senior Advocate Alok Kumar said that the mediaeval concepts of Jihad so believed by a section of Muslims is spreading hatred and vitiating the harmony of Bharatiya society. These are serious challenges to world peace and humanity, which the civilized societies of the whole world together will have to resist no matter what the cost may be!

Alok Kumar also demanded that police complete investigations quickly, a fast-track court should hear the Udaipur murder case and in a period of 6 months the victim’s family should be given justice by hanging the assassins till death.

He said in this demonstration held at Shri Krishna Leela Sthal at Lalla Market, Bareilly, that the Udaipur assassination is the result of mazhabi psychosis. The way a section of Islam understands and identifies with ‘Jihad’ is particularly treacherous and fatal. It feels that it is religiously sanctioned to attack, to slaughter and plunder non-Islamic people. The abduction and rape of women is “Maal-e-Ghanimat”. Due to such inhuman concepts, violence and unrest have been spreading in many parts of the world.

The VHP working president said that some Islamic organizations may have condemned the Udaipur incident, but as long as such concepts of Jihad continue to be promoted and spread, there will be neither peace nor the communal harmony anywhere in the world. Governments will treat them as matters of law and order and act accordingly, but this is an ideological war which the entire civilized societies around the world cherishing human values, human rights, human dignity and the dignity of women have to fight. They have to raise their voice. They will have to bear the dangers in raising this voice. They may also have to pay the price.

Alok Kumar also called upon the right-thinking Muslims to raise these issues and for reforms to adopt the modern Human values. They will also have to ensure that the madarsas and other such institutions are not used as nurseries of terrorism.

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