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The ‘off track’ run of the K-Rail

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Thiruvananthapuram (VSK). Government of Kerala has not re-notified the extension of the tenure of the agencies assigned to carry out the social impact studies in connection with K-Rail. This indicates, the ‘off track’ run of the K-Rail, the dream project of GoK. When people’s protest shook the entire state against the acquisition of land for K-Rail and installation of yellow stones in the acquired lands, GoK had made it clear that it was social impact studies only and no land acquisition.

But, since Kerala High Court asked why are the stones installed while modern methodologies are available for social impact studies, GoK appointed Geo-Tagging Agencies for the job. GoK deployed Revenue Department staff for this activity. But studies did not show any fruitful culmination. And, the tenure mentioned in the notification expired. And, re-notification is not issued either.

The respective file has reached chief minister’s office from the revenue department, but no action been taken. And, now discussion is going on to withdraw the revenue officers who have sitting idle since the last couple of months.

Even though GoK had a plan of raising funds through the sales of shares, it did not materialise as the project did not get the nod of the Union Government. Consequently, GoK started to think whether to go ahead with it. Central Railway Ministry has started to run VandeBharat. Its advantages are equal to what GoK claims about K-Rail. Therefore, GoK discusses the withdrawal of the project which is likely to result in huge financial liabilities.

But, K-Rail authorities say, they still have not received any communication in this regard. They state that social impact studies are stopped as re-notification has not taken place.


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