करंट टॉपिक्स

“The Sangh wants righteous attributes to predominate the world”

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– Dr. Hedgewar

“The Sangh is a Hindu organization. Of all the religions in the world, the Hindu Dharma is the only one that has righteousness as its prime attribute and teaches to conduct ourselves lovingly with other living beings in the spirit of ‘Atmavat sarvbhuteshu’ (‘to see oneself in all beings’). This Dharma does not approve of violence and injustice that is present in the world. Therefore, it is natural that every Hindu desires to put a check on such happenings. But mere preaching will not change the disposition of the world. When the world realizes that Hindu society has become well organized and empowered, the disrespect that is universally seen towards us will vanish and the world will listen to what we say. Hindu Dharma has been doing this since time immemorial and it is to protect such a sacred Dharma and culture that the Sangh has been started.

Nowadays, the Hindu society has become very disorganized. The sole aim of the Sangh is to organize Hindu society such that Hindus can stand up in Hindusthan as proud Hindus and to convince the world that the Hindu is not a race that is on its death-bed. The Sangh wants righteous attributes to predominate the world. The goal of the Sangh is to remove demonic tendency in mankind and to teach it humanism. The Sangh has not been formed to hate or destroy anyone.”

(Extract of speech at the Shastra Puja function, Nagpur 27 September 1933)

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