करंट टॉपिक्स

The ‘Wonder woman’

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Sandeep Kavishwar

(Akhil Bharatiya Sah Sangathan Mantri Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram)

After 1977, the work of Kalyan Ashram started in a very adverse state in the entire tribal area of the country. Various activists initiated this work through service in far forests and mountains aiming at the overall progress of the tribe society. Those were the days of the beginners who started this difficult task to test their patience, courage, and patience.

The participation of women in the work of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram working for the overall development of the tribal society is important. We can see the women workers of Kalyan Ashram engaged in social work with dedication in various places of the country. Andhra Pradesh’s Achamma, working in the social sector, is such a name.

Achamma, an active activist of Kalyan Ashram from Andhra Pradesh is head of the women’s wing of the prant. Achamma, a resident of the Matham area of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra, is not only a worker of Kalyan Ashram today, but she has also become a major base for the entire tribal society of the region.

The population of tribal society is very large in Andhra Pradesh. The credit for starting work in this area goes to late Sridharji. Sridharji was such a hard-working pracharak of the RSS, who laid the foundation for the work of Kalyan Ashram in adverse circumstances. Sridharji’s and overall the work of Kalyan Ashram started in this Mathm Region.

When Sridharji visited Matham for the first time, the villagers stopped him from entering the village. Innocent forest dwellers had such a fear that he was not a magician who chased away children or a black magician? But on the basis of his organizational skills, Sridharji entered this village by winning the hearts of the tribe brothers in a short time. If viewed from Andhra Pradesh, the Matham can be called the Gangotri of the work of Kalyan Ashram.

The first house they stayed at was Achamma’s father’s house. At that time, I was only seven years old. Small children gathered and played different games with Sridharji in the evening. Achamma also enjoyed playing with these kids. Sridharji’s personality had a profound impact on small Achamma and she too slowly started becoming a partner in this work.

God gave Achamma a beautiful gift as a sweet voice. This is why singing different hymns or folk songs in beautiful vocals is considered one of their features. Using this, it became their nature to go to the tribe village, recite beautiful hymns and encourage them to sing. This quality of women organizing has benefited hugely. Through this, he formed various groups of good traditional folk songs or bhajan singers in hundreds of villages. Bhajan Mandali has been formed due to the efforts of Achamma in about 300 such villages today. This shows a welcome change in the atmosphere of this whole area.

Being a leading woman she has done a very commendable job for women too. Contacting women in different villages and forming their committees, organizing them is one of their major tasks. This work of Achamma ji has been going on continuously for the last 25 years. Achamma is a major base for the girls’ hostel of Kalyan Ashram running in Matham. In their faith, the parents of the girls send their daughters to the ashram happily. The trust they build through their work is the main reason. Understanding the problems of society and trying to solve them has been identified as a respected social worker in the entire area. Achamma tribe has become a major pillar of society.

Hundreds of women activists like Achamma are contributing to the progress of society in the far tribe area through Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. 8th March, World Women’s Day, on this occasion, we salute the entire women power who contributed to society.


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