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#TheKeralaStory becomes 5th highest opening Hindi film in 2023

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Thiruvananthapuram. TheKeralaStory is running successfully across the country and reined in a total of Rs.20.53 crores within two days of its release, according to reports. It is now the fifth highest opening Hindi movie in 2023.

The Kerala Story earned Rs.8.03 crores on its first day and continued its successful run by reining in Rs.12.50 crore on the second day.

Interestingly, the movie, which depicts how ISIS sleeper cells in Kerala lure young non-Muslim women for conversion and their induction into the terrorist organization, was widely criticized from certain quarters. Petitions were filed in court calling for its ban and a clamp on the release of the movie.

Mass protests outside the theaters took place in Kerala. Many theaters also backed off from the screening fearing protests from leftists and fundamental Islamists groups. The Congress along with the NCP also supported the protests by fundamental Islamists.

There were also reviews in the media criticizing the movie for being a propaganda piece and peddling lies. While the movie makers have enough evidence to prove whatever the movie depicts, the detractors are working overtime to degrade the movie on social and other media.

However, the box office success of the movie shows just how much the public have accepted The Kerala Story. The people have refused to be caught up in the fake reviews of the movie coming out from certain quarters. The great response of those who watched the movie is a reflection of how much it has touched their hearts.

Many viewers have come out openly saying it is a must watch and also encouraging people to bring along their families to show the shocking truths that happened in Kerala in recent history.

Input Courtesy – JanamTV

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