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This is not the first incident of human sacrifice

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Pathanamthitta. The state is yet to come out of the shock of the human sacrifice in Pathanamthitta district. But this is not the first incident of human sacrifice that held at the region. Another human sacrifice was held in the same area 25 years ago. A 4.5-year-old child was killed for the fulfilment of love.

The girl child, Aswini, was killed brutally by her father Dr. Sasi Raja Panickar (46), her second wife Sukumari Amma (31) and lover Seena (24), together. The deceased was the child of Raja and his second wife Sukumari Amma. He had committed the crime to marry his lover Seena. The case was filed on charges of brutal murder and physical torture.

Raja had been torturing the child since she was born. He made wounds on the child’s body and was not willing to treat her when it got worse. The incident gained attention when the neighbours listened the child screaming out of pain and they informed to the police.

Sasi Raja got life imprisonment and others were imprisoned. Though they were released, Sasi Raja was found dead inside the jail due to age-related illness.

Courtesy – JanamTV

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