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Tribals passed a resolution against settlements of Muslims in the Komarambheem district

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In response to the recent attack on tribal youth M. Laxman by a group identified as a Muslim mob on May 13, the Sri Godwana Panchayati Raicentre Committee in Asifabad Komarabheem district, has taken decisive action. The tribal committee has passed a resolution, which has been presented to the District Superintendent of Police. Additionally, they plan to meet with the District Collector and other concerned officials to raise awareness about the threats posed by non-tribals living on their lands and request immediate action against the culprits.

Community members, who are now on high alert, are visiting all Raicentres to raise awareness about the threat presented by Muslim settlers in their designated areas and to convey their demands to government officials, asking for stern action against the Muslim perpetrators. A Raicentre committee is typically like a judiciary body made up of community representatives from 40-45 villages and hamlets in the Gond community. This district is primarily inhabited by tribals (STs) and most the land is designated vanavasi’s.

Demands of Sri Godwana Panchayati Raicentre Committee…

Strict Implementation of 1/70 Law: The government must strictly enforce the 1/70 law in the agency areas of Sirpur, Jainoor, and Lingapur mandals to protect tribal lands.

Compensation and Medical Aid: A compensation of Rs 10 lakh should be provided for the better treatment of the injured M Laxman. Immediate legal action should be taken against those responsible for the attack.

Regulation of Non-Tribal Business Activities: Villagers should prevent Muslim businessmen, including ice cream vendors and other small business operators, from entering their villages.

Legal Action: An SC/ST case should be registered against all Muslims involved in the attack on M Laxman.

Relocation of Non-Tribals: Muslims should not be allowed to reside in lands designated for tribals. The government must relocate them to non-tribal zones.

Community Protest: Every village should protest against the attack on the tribal youth to ensure community solidarity and safety.

Restrictions on Mosques: Demand to reduce the sounds coming out of mosques and monitoring their activities.

Ban on Cow slaughter: Ban on cow slaughter in the area.

Suspected Individuals: The committee also has suspicions on activities of some Muslim individuals in the tribal region who are named in their complaint.

May 13, a Muslim mob of 600-700 people attacked the Hindu community in Jainuoor, terrorising everyone. With sticks and rods in hand, the Muslim mob attacked everyone, including M Laxman, a tribal who was simply watching the horrific incident. Currently, M Laxman is said to be serious, and under medical treatment in Hyderabad.

Speaking to our correspondent, Kanaka Yadava Rao, honorary Chairman of the Gondwana Committee and former District Library chairman, said “They are on mission mode to alert their community about the threat they are facing from Muslims since the attack happened at Jainuoor Mandal. They are visiting all the Raicentres and discussing the seriousness of the issue and passing similar kinds of resolutions at every center”.

He added that “an attack on a tribal individual is an attack on the entire community and an assault on their identity. In light of this, all the culprits should be charged under the SC/ST Act. The police’s delayed response to the incident raises concerns about their effectiveness and respect for tribal laws in the agency area. We plan to present this case to the state Governor and to the state and Central Tribal Commissions to seek justice”.

By K. Surender

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