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Twitter takes action on anti-India propagandist CJ Werleman’s account

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New Delhi. Twitter has taken an action against the fake news peddler’s account and withheld CJ Werleman’s account in India. CJ Werleman’s twitter account is withheld because of his anti-Hindu propaganda, fake and misleading tweets.

A notification stating that “@cjwerleman’s account has been withheld in India in response to a legal demand” appears on the screen if a Twitter user from India attempts to access his account. According to the notification, his account has been banned in India as a result of a request from a competent government authority.

In simple words, a social media giant has banned his account in India. As per the reports, Twitter has taken the action on his account in response to a legal demand. If someone from India tries to open his account, a message that reads “@cjwerleman’s account has been withheld in India in response to a legal demand” appears on the screen.

Reacting to this, Werleman has blamed Twitter for operating on the behest of the BJP-led Government of India for his account getting blocked by the Indian audience.

More proof that @Twitter is operating as a protection racket for the Indian government: my account has now been withheld in India because of demands made by the far-right, Hindu fascist regime of Narendra Modi. How is this ok, @Verified, @jack, @elonmusk?? in response to a legal demand.”

One should be noted that CJ Werleman has a long history of publishing fake news targeting India. Several times he had been caught lying and propagating his leftist propaganda. Earlier, when a Dalit Hindu young man was killed by the family of his Muslim wife, Werleman had falsely claimed that the man was killed by a Hindutva mob for marrying a Muslim. He spreads hatred and lies against the Hindus of India.

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