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Ujjain – Mosque was earlier a Shiva Temple, confirmed Archaeological department

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Ujjain. The Archaeological department has confirmed that in Ujjain there was a Shiva temple earlier at a location that was later turned into a mosque, which is an active Islamic worship place today. The news comes few days after Mahamandaleshwar Swami Atuleshanand Ji Maharaj’s claims.

Merely a few days after Mahamandaleshwar Swami Atuleshanand Ji Maharaj’s claims that a mosque in Ujjain hid a statue of Lord Shiva and Ganesh inside, the Archaeological Department too has now confirmed the claim. According to the Archaeological department, there was a Shiva temple earlier instead of the mosque.

According to media reports, Professor Raman Solanki of the Archaeological Department of Government Vikram University said, “Thousand years ago, there used to be several temples during the era of Raja Bhoj. There was also a university and the temple was a part of that university where the students used to worship. It was later demolished.”

Evidence that was considered by the Archaeological department to confirm the claim were the scattered and collected remains of the time of the attack in the mosque and the surrounding area. Besides, pictures of the interiors of the mosque also provided strong evidence of the presence of an ancient Shiva temple inside the mosque.

The revelation of the Ujjain mosque’s history times with the ongoing Gyanvapi Mosque row.


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