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UK – Advocating Recognition of Anti-Hindu hate as religious crime amid rising concerns

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Hindu organisations have taken a significant step by unveiling “The Hindu Manifesto UK 2024”, as the United Kingdom gears up for the forthcoming general elections on July 4.

This manifesto, launched on June 8, articulates seven pivotal demands aimed at parliamentary candidates and the prospective government. At the core of these demands is the call for the recognition of anti-Hindu hate as a religious hate crime.

The manifesto’s Seven Assurances delineate a comprehensive framework aimed at safeguarding the rights and interests of the Hindu community in the UK…..

Recognition of Anti-Hindu Hate as a Religious Hate Crime: The foremost demand centres on acknowledging instances of anti-Hindu hate as religiously motivated offences. This entails proscribing organisations and individuals engaged in perpetrating such hate crimes.

Protection of Places of Hindu Worship: Ensuring the security and preservation of Hindu temples and places of worship across the UK forms another critical aspect of the manifesto’s agenda.

Access to Fairer Education: Advocating for equitable access to education for Hindu students, free from discrimination or bias, constitutes a fundamental demand of the manifesto.

Equal Representation and Opportunities: The manifesto calls for promoting equal opportunities and representation for Hindus in various spheres of society, including employment, politics, and public service.

Streamlining Immigration Processes: Simplifying and streamlining immigration procedures to facilitate the entry of Hindu migrants and their families into the UK is highlighted as a pressing need.

Improving Healthcare and Social Care: Ensuring access to high-quality healthcare and social welfare services for members of the Hindu community features prominently in the manifesto’s objectives.

Acknowledging and Protecting Dharmic Values: Recognising and upholding Hindus’ cultural and religious heritage, including the principles and values embedded in Dharma, is essential for fostering social cohesion and inclusivity.


Notably, the document calls on all parliamentary candidates to support the Hindu community in their respective constituencies and address their concerns outlined in the manifesto.

The unveiling of the Hindu Manifesto UK 2024 comes against the backdrop of growing concerns over the rise of anti-Hindu hate crimes in the UK. In response to this troubling trend, efforts have been underway to address and combat such incidents. Last year, a British-Indian London Assembly member tabled a motion urging the Metropolitan Police to include the breakdown of hate crimes by religion, with a specific focus on tackling instances of “Hinduphobia”. This initiative aimed to tackle the rising instances of anti-Hindu hate and encourage confidence within Hindu communities to report such crimes.

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