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Uttar Pradesh – Students turn up to college in hijab, create ruckus block highway in Meerut

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Meerut. After Karnataka, there is an attempt to create a ruckus over hijab in Uttar Pradesh. A deliberate controversy was created by a group of Muslim students after they turned up in hijab in violation of the dress code in Ginni Devi Modi Girls Degree College near Meerut to procure tabs supplied by the Uttar Pradesh Government. The students blocked the Delhi-Meerut highway after the college administration refused entry of girls in religious dress.

The tablets and smartphones were being issued for graduate and post-graduate students. The college administration had made it mandatory for students follow dress code and show identity cards. But a group of students refused to follow the dress code and tried to create ruckus by blocking the highway.

The college administration had started distribution of tablets for MA and MSc students from 10 am. Dr. Chandana Sharma had advised the students who turned up in hijab to follow dress code but the students refused to obey and shouted slogans against the college administration.

The police contingent posted near Meerut tried to disperse the students by convincing them not to block the highway.

Meanwhile, a section of the students recorded this incident and spread in social media.

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