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Valuable findings received from Moon, will share in the coming days – ISRO Chairman

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. ISRO Chairman S. Somanath, said that Chandrayaan-3 mission has received valuable findings from the Moon. The findings will be published soon. He was speaking to the media during his visit to Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi Temple.

He said that every system of Chandranyaan-3 worked perfectly and there was no malfunction in any part and it was a surprise. The landing was very soft. After that the rover’s movement and deployment were precise. The rover is moving as planned. Even though there is a small delay, everything is perfect.

He added that by now two missions of the rover has been completed. We are receiving very significant and astonishing data from the rover. This is the first time that the whole world will be receiving these data. The scientists will share more information about it in the coming days.

India is the first country to land on the South Pole of the Moon. Many countries had attempted it in the past like the United States and China. Russia tried to land on the South Pole but failed. The reason for the failure is that the surface of the South Pole region is not flat. The area has many hills and mountains that reach up to 2 km height. It is very difficult to find a flat area for a safe landing.

If asked why take a huge risk to reach the South Pole, the answer is that, that is the region where not much study has been done. That region is key to answering many questions that have perplexed scientists.

It is believed to be an area with huge deposits of many elements and also the presence of water.

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