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Varunastra successfully destroys underwater target; big milestone for Navy and DRDO

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New Delhi. The Indian Navy and DRDO accurately delivered Varunastra on an underwater target. Varunastra is an indigenously developed heavy-weight torpedo.

According to reports, Varunastra successfully engaged an underwater target on June 6 off the western seaboard. This is considered a milestone for Indian Navy and DRDO quest for accurate delivery of ordnance on target in the underwater domain.

The media report, quoting Navy spokesperson, said, the successful engagement demonstrated the commitment of the Indian Navy to Future Proof Combat Readiness through Aatmanirbharta. Varunastra was inducted by Indian Navy in 2016 and can be fired from all Anti-submarine Warfare (ASW) ships capable of firing heavy-weight torpedoes, said the report.

Varunastra is an electrically propelled anti-submarine torpedo which can target enemy submarines in shallow as well as in deep waters.

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