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Important works have been done in many areas in the last few years, after a government espousing positive thoughts and works for national interests and Bharatiya culture came to office at the centre, and those works include – paving the way for construction of the grand temple at Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya by Bhoomi Poojan and Mandir Nirman Karyarambh on August 05, 2020, and also creation of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham Corridor, and surely there are major works such as planning and allocation of funds for the overall development of all the iconic pilgrimage centers of the country!

After abolishing Articles 370 and 35A from Jammu & Kashmir, the GOI planned to renovate the dilapidated and shattered temples. Through the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), it paved the way for Bharatiya citizenship of persecuted people of Bharatiya origin anywhere in the world. The anti-national elements have also become very active in response to the work being done by the government for the benefit of Bharatiya culture. ‘Love Jihad’, inspired by religious terrorism, on the one hand, and the religious conversion activities by Christian missionaries and the anti-national campaigns of urban Naxalites, on the other, have also intensified.

In the presence of the police at Palghar (Maharashtra) in April, 2020, the ghastly form of brutal killing of two Sanyasis (seers/monks) and their driver, as a result of the nexus between the proactive Church (NGO) and political forces there, was seen. Efforts are being made by the Maharashtra government to cover it up and ruthlessly crush any person or institution that has raised its voice, and the Maharashtra Government stoutly not recommending an intensive and extensive investigation, and even prior to the investigations, the Chief Minister and his Home Minister declaring the incident as having been taken place due to rumours and misapprehensions, is part of a larger conspiracy. This session of the Central Margdarshak Mandal (CMDM) calls for an impartial CBI inquiry into the Palghar incident.

Today religious terrorism is active in our country in many forms. In the present times, not only entrapping Hindu sisters and daughters in false love trap through the agenda of “Love-Jihad”, but also many incidents of kidnapping, abduction, hijacking, hostage taking and murder are coming up from place to place. A girl named Nikita Tomar was murdered in full public view at a public place at Ballabhgarh (Haryana) when she refused conversion and Nikaah/marriage, which gives a glimpse and inkling of the increased confidence of these Jihadists and lone-wolves. It is being implemented under a well-thought-out agenda and conspiracy across the country. Many LJ criminals have also admitted that they received training and sufficient funds for this task. This CMDM session demands tough action against such religious terrorists, and enactment of a comprehensive law to neutralise this agenda and urges upon the Hindu society to remain careful and eternally vigilant.

The strategies and narratives of the Congress, the Leftists and the Urban Naxalites, hallmarked by anti-national worldview and paradigm, have not only been supporting the activities that are agenda-led to create rifts and socio-cultural fault-lines in the Hindu society, but also involved in hatching ever novel conspiracies, e.g., an unsuccessful attempt was made to give a caste twist to the Hathras incident and throw Uttar Pradesh into a conflagration of caste riots. It was clear from the revelation of this incident that a section of the media has also been helpful in the agenda to split and shatter the Hindu society, which this CMDM session condemns in harsh words.

For us there is no difference among the sisters and daughters of Hindu society, whether she is from Ballabhgarh or Hathras. Respect for women has been a top priority of Hindu society. The two big wars of history – the Ramayana and the Mahabharata – were fought for the cause of dignity and honour of womanhood.

In West Bengal and Kerala, agenda of Hindu killings and persecution have been going on continuously. The acquiescence and tacit acceptance of the leftist writers and thinkers on these incidents, and their efforts to create tension in the society by presenting untruth and overplaying and making too much of small incidents of Hindu society, is their objective of anti-national thuggery.

Defaming our tradition, customs, temples, monasteries and saints is part of a well-planned conspiracy of these leftist intellectuals. The Hindu society needs to not only stay awake against them but also protest strongly.

In such a situation, this meeting calls upon the saint-power and Saint-Fraternity of the country to speed up its task of eradicating all caste discriminations and creating a harmonious society.

The Sant-Fraternity also calls for reinvigorating and rejuvenating the family traditions with affection and observance of Dharma, so that our sisters and daughters can be saved from falling into the false love traps of anyone.

The Sant-Samaj urges upon those brethren, who became Muslims-Christians now or a few generations ago, to return to their holy/sacred/pious Hindu Dharma!

Proposer – Mahamandaleshwar Hariharanand Saraswati, Amarkantak

Seconders – Swami Jitendranand Saraswati, Secretary-General – All Bharat Sant Samiti

Mahamandaleshwar Akhileshwaranand Giri, Jabalpur



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