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VHP Thailand – 7th Week of Community Seva Initiative

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Thailand. As part of the community seva initiative, VHP Thailand extended the efforts and supported 300 families of Chorm Thong district in Bangkok. 1500 kg rice, 300 bottles of Soya Sauce, 300 packets of vegetarian noodles, 200 sets of Bharatiya snacks and water provided to the families affected with Covid-19 adversity.

Link to short video clip –

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Association Thailand along with seva partners with the support from donors and volunteers has planned to distribute 15,000 kg of rice and other essential food supplies to the 3,000 families facing adversities due to Covid-19 in the 9 districts of Bangkok during the month of May and June 2020. VHP Thailand Covid-19 team has been closely working with local communities in consultation with respective District Offices for smooth implementation of seva (charity) activities and in compliance with all preventive measures of Covid-19 enforced by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. The weekly seva (charity) activities targeted to 300 to 500 families on Saturdays have covered the seven districts in Bangkok including Sathorn (2nd May); Klong Toey (9th May); Klong San (16th May); Bangkok Yai (23rd May); Yannawa (30th May); Bangrak (6th June); and Chorm (13th June). In the coming weeks, VHP Thailand will cover the remaining districts – Watthana (20th June) and Ratburana (27th June).

Short Video links of Completed Seven Charities in Bangkok

Charity 1 @ Sathorn District – https://youtu.be/ujo5rqOmQH8

Charity 2 @ Klong Toey District – https://youtu.be/V-YHD2WaH0U

Charity 3 @ Klong San District – https://youtu.be/KbNUfZMkQAI

Charity 4 @ Bangkok Yai District – https://youtu.be/7No8Y1oMCbQ

Charity 5 @ Yannawa District – https://youtu.be/wUidXUzdKDU

Charity 6 @ Bangrak District – https://youtu.be/exmfsfz0F70

Charity 7 @ Chormthong District – https://youtu.be/Nv6-n4lemk0

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