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Village Development is an activity of Society – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

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Udaipur (VSK). In the closing session of Prabhat Gram Vikas Milan, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji said that village development is an activity of the society. He said that we should consider every moment the whole society as our own, and through such conduct, the behavior of the society has to be changed to create a consistently organized society.

Society based development has been the nature of our country. He opined that India has been a leading country even in the past while doing all kinds of development, we worked towards keeping the environment safe. We were first in the economy in the whole world, and instead of expecting help from the government, we have to awaken the society and become self-reliant. Village development has to be done on our own.

He said, we have to form a group of people working together with us and develop the village through collective decision. Collective thinking for the development will be full proof and so, there should be collective decision making for it.

The result of such developmental activity comes gradually. Therefore, we should work patiently with vision. Then only efficiency will be developed.

Gram Sabha – Bhemai became an ally in the development of the surrounding villages

Bhemai. Sarsanghchalak Ji while addressing the Gram Sabha organized by Swami Vivekananda Gram Vikas Samiti said that the work of village development first starts with the thinking of the villagers.

At the beginning of the meeting, under the leadership of “Shri Maa Mahila Gram Vikas Samiti”, all the ladies welcomed him with folk song “Hona Rupa Ni Thari Habadon Aaje Bhagwat Ji Padharaya”.  Then Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji was welcomed by Ramesh Bhai and Arjun Pargi by offering a turban to him as a token of respect.

“Prabhat village is one where everyone works selflessly without any discrimination, there are more than 300 Prabhat villages in our country including Bhemai. Telling the story of Kalpavriksha, he said that everything may happen as we think and if a man is determined, then he can extract nectar from the soil.”

Through the story of making a ladder to heaven between gods and demons, he told that without harming others, leaving one’s selfishness aside and working by removing differences, the work of village development should be done. Along with being virtuous, a person should be useful to the family, village, district and the country and this way, one’s circle should be extended to the entire Vasudha.

He further added that our Bhemai is a Prabhat village now and its effect should reach the nearby villages. City like facilities should be available in the villages too. Work should be done on the basis of mutual relations in the villages. The people living here should treat the whole village as one family.

The report of the Gram Sabha was read by Girish Bhai, Secretary, Vivekananda Gram Vikas Samiti, Bhemai and vote of thanks was expressed by Mahendra Bhai at the end of the meeting. Manoj Kumar conducted the meeting.

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