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“Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push” – ‘Christian Missionaries Target 400,000 unreached Villages in India’

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A strategic conference of Church leaders to discuss their “Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push” was held in Chennai on January 10 & 11, attended by over 300 missionaries and Christian priests. The event was reportedly held at Radisson Blue Hotel in Chennai. The event saw the participation of controversial Christian pastor Mohan C. Lazarus who is known for his hate speech against Hindus.

According to reports, the Church leaders congregated in Chennai for this ‘strategic meet’ to make a big push for establishing 400,000 Churches in the ‘unchurched villages in India’ under the leadership of Rev. Kalyan Kumar of Harvest Church India.

During the meeting, it was resolved that they would undertake random mass conversion targeting 2292 ‘unreached’ communities totalling 59,92,74,000 people, almost half of the Indian population. In the first phase, the missionaries plan to target 25 communities and convert them to Christianity.

The Vision 2030 Nehemiah Push declares, “Ask God to raise prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession. Ask the Lord to call full-time Christian workers to work amongst the Brahmin, Yadav, Chamar, Rajput, Pathan, Ansari, Mahishya, and Mali” and prays for a ‘vibrant Church planting’ in a bid to change the demography and make India a ‘Christian nation’.

The targeted castes come from different occupations and languages all over India obviously poverty stricken and socially backward in which 11,84,14,000 are Muslims. The rest targets of 48,08,60,000 come from Hindu-Sikh-SC-ST and aboriginal folds.

The meeting gained significance in light of the ruling DMK declaring that Christians formed the MK Stalin-led government in the state and for Christians.

Where Will the Money Come from to Plant 4 Lakh Churches?

Let’s do some number crunching. Suppose the target is to build approximately four lahks new Churches across India. In that case, it will amount to a minimum of ₹80,0000 crores, given a minimum of ₹20 lakhs for each church, for a small, modest church/prayer hall, including the purchase of the required land, construction and labour costs, basic indoor requirements like electricity, plumbing, seating etc.

Building four lakh Churches would require a minimum of ₹80,000 crores, and to meet their 2030 target, the Christian organizations will need to spend upwards of ₹12,000 crores annually, a minimum of Rs 1,000 crores per month! Domestic Christian contributions cannot make up for the lakhs of crores that churches, their missionary activities, Christian charities and institutions like hospitals, schools, Christian groups like the YMCA etc., require yearly.

In countries like India, church and missionary organizations go a step further in financing and promoting small, medium and large business enterprises by converted Christians – they help with the setup, funding and promoting of businesses like schools, hospitals, transportation, and even shopping complexes run by converted Christians. Many Christian or Muslim-owned businesses start with the financial help of Christian/Muslim religious organizations (purported NGOs, charities). When they establish themselves and start making profits, they give back generously to their religious institutions; thus, this profitable religious-funding cycle continues!

About two years ago, in one of his video posts, writer Maridhas presented worrying information, along with the relevant statistics, of a whopping 15,000 churches built in Tamil Nadu alone in just the last ten years.

In countries like India, domestic contributions alone are insufficient, hence the need for foreign funding. The religiously-motivated foreign organizations plan, fund and supervise conversion activities in countries like India with two broad objectives – the domestic agenda of increasing the numbers of Christians in India and an international objective of influencing India’s policies by covertly supporting “secular” politicians and parties.

Thus far, India is the only major nation protecting all Eastern-Indic faiths that have managed to survive the onslaught by the two religions, barring the smaller countries holding on to their Buddhist faith.

The Harvest Church India planned a Christian land thru ‘Vision 2030’ by making 4 lakh new Churches. | Struggle for Hindu Existence

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