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Weapons Manufacturing in Campus

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Kerala (VSK).

Kerala Home Ministry has sent a letter to the Education Department in the wake of the Intelligence reports that technical education institutions and universities are turning weapon manufacturing centres. Government keeps mum about it. Government has boiled down its concern into a four-line circular. Janmabhumi, Malayalam news daily had exposed the Intelligence reports on January 12. Janam TV, Malayalam channel, had telecast the weapon manufacturing in a work experience laboratory.

Reports suggest that the Intelligence ADGP has reported to the Home Ministry that weapon manufacturing takes place in the work experience laboratories of the educational institutions. Fatal weapons including machetes are widely manufactured in the mechanical laboratories of engineering colleges and Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in the state. They are for violence within and outside of the campus. Report also says that even though teachers are aware of this ‘phenomenon’, they do not take any action. Technical Education Department circular is very vague. It asks teachers and laboratory staff to keenly observe and supervise the laboratory activities of the students. That is all..!

Government resorted to this circular to protect the SFI workers and Leftist teachers. Central Intelligence is in the process of collecting the information in this regard.

This is an alarming situation. It proves how dangerous heavy politicization of educational institutions is. It speaks out support campus violence gets sans much publicity.

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