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What we call culture is the tradition of grateful conduct – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

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Pune. Our culture is only one that strives to make humans lead a human life. What we call culture is the tradition of conduct imbibed for generation to generation, said RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji.

He was speaking at the conclusion ceremony of Diamond Jubilee of Prasad Prakashan in Pune. Maharashtra’s Minister for Cultural Affairs Sudhir Munguntiwar, veteran Indologist and former Chairman of Deccan College Deemed University Dr. G. B. Deglurkar, Dr. Uma bodas of Prasad Prakashan and authors of the books were present on dais. Thirteen books by different authors were published by Prasad Prakashan and Anahat Prakashan by dignitaries.

Sarsanghchalak Ji said, “Happiness is the aim of human life but the world is split in two currents on what is the meaning of happiness? One stream is that of world and another is India’s. Many efforts were made to find answer to this question and a lot of poison has come out of this search. World is unanimous that India has the capability to digest this poison”.

He added, “Thoughts turn to extremity when a searcher does not find results of his search. When we follow four Purusharthas, stipulated in our culture, then we do not go to any extremity. The world cannot run on dealings only. The world runs on the faith in existence. Humans have faith and make others have faith which is why we have a sense of gratitude in everything around us. We deem river as our mother and our vaidyas used only herbal medicines for ten thousand years, but forests did not diminish, because they planted ten times what they took. This sense of gratitude is hallmark of our conduct and it has been passed from generation to generation. What we call culture is this tradition of practice”.

He said, “Our culture is only culture that strives to make humans lead a human life. Other cultures look at man as social animal. Man has to take all along because he is most superior among all beings and to be most superior means having responsibility”.

Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji said, “The outer world keeps changing. Even the modern science accepts there is cycle of creation and destruction in universe. Our ancestors started searching answer to this question internally when outer efforts were fruitless. They found out that outer world is just a manifestation of one eternal truth. Outer forms change but the internal truth of which it is manifestation doesn’t change. We have to abandon appearances but have to hold on to eternal”.

He lamented that people have unfortunately forgotten this tradition and have developed disbelief. There is issue of bad conduct also.

Minister Sudhir Munguntiwar said, “Our culture is not the one raising questions but finding solutions to all problems. Our culture is being attacked in many directions and it is very perilous for the country. We have to strive to propagate our culture”.

Dr. Deglurkar said, “Indian culture is only unbroken culture in the world. There is no existing culture as ancient as India has. Idols in foreign cultures are now kept in museums but our idols are in our hearts and in temples even now. Our culture is eternal (sanatan) but ever renewing (nitya nutan) also.

Dr. Uma Bodas said, “Prasad Prakashan was founded not only to encourage young writers but also to propagate India’s culture. We have maintained the same principles which our founder Y.G. Joshi emphasized”.

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