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With determination, alertness, patience and collective efforts, the corona crisis will definitely be conquered – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

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New Delhi. RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Ji Bhagwat said that with determination, persistent efforts and patience, Bharatiya would definitely overcome the Corona crisis He said that this is not the time for blame game, the need of the hour is all sections of the society will have to make collective efforts together so that we can overcome this crisis.

The above thoughts were expressed by Sarsanghchalak in his address on the fifth and last day of the lecture series ‘Hum Jitenge – Positivity Unlimited’. He said that if everyone works together as a team, then due to this collective effort, we can move ahead at a much faster pace. This is the time when we need to forget all our differences, we have to work together.

He said that after the first wave of Corona, we were caught off guard and now there is talk of a third wave being in offing. All this had a profound impact on the economy, employment, education etc. There may be further impact on the economy in the coming days, so we have to prepare for it now onwards. There is no need to panic from due to such discussions as these are future challenges and this would help us to prepare in time to meet the challenges that we are likely to face.

He said that we should engage in service work with patience and discipline while keeping ourselves alert, active and healthy. Efforts should be made to make beds, oxygen etc. available to the patients of Corona in hospitals. People can assist and support organizations engaged in service work. People should care about the families around them which are facing economic difficulties.

“Do not sit idle at home, learn something new, increase communication and dialogues within the family,” sarsanghchalak said.

He said one must remember these lines……

“Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal

The courage to continue is the only thing that matters.”

Dr. Bhagwat said, “Bharat is an ancient nation and it has overcome many crisis in the past. This time also we will win. For this, we have to keep the Corona out of our body while our mind should be full of positivity. In such a challenging situations, one shouldn’t despair but rather take a resolve to fight and win this battle. Humanity has overcome many such obstructions in the past and has kept on moving ahead, it would continue to do so.

Organized by the ‘Covid Response Team’, this lecture series was broadcast from May 11 to May 15 at 4:30 pm daily. The aim of this lecture series was to contribute towards efforts to create a positive environment in the society which would help to overcome the Corona crisis.



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