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Yoga Rooms – Yoga rooms at Indian airports are a way to positively impact 10 Crore+ travellers every year

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New Delhi. Would a nation send its army into war without ammunition? That’s what we do when we don’t teach yoga since childhood. India is the cradle of Yoga. When taught in schools and colleges it could empower children with the necessary skills to deal with the physical and psychological stress of the modern-day world.

In 2017, in his Mann Ki Baat, PM invited suggestions for promoting Yoga. That got me thinking. I felt Yoga rooms at Indian airports would be a great way to enable travellers to practice Yoga as well as promote Yoga to the other travellers. Enabling a healthier India.

5 years, 110+ pieces of communication to the PMO on this ONE issue, this is yet to become a reality. Emails, letters by post, letters by courier, suggestions on the PMO portal, calls. Sometimes the cases logged on the portal would be sent to AAI or Ayush Ministry and eventually be closed due to them citing inability by their department. I continue to persevere in sending reminders and new perspectives on why India today needs this more than ever.

India is home to 77 million+ diabetics. 220 million+ Indians have hypertension. Antibiotic resistance is a problem that has already begun. The numbers are likely to grow in the years ahead. In an era of pandemics, it is vital for us to improve the health of citizens in a holistic way.

Every country has airports. The airports have restaurants, shops and foot massage centers.

Shouldn’t Indian Airports have all that and something uniquely Indian? Something that adds enormous value to the lives of citizens?

Benefits :

– This would bring visibility to Yoga.

– It would inspire millions to explore Yoga.

– It would help those who practice Yoga to be able to do so while traveling.

– It will help the Yoga Economy – people will be able to learn Yoga to teach others, Yoga merchandise – mats, clothing etc. A quantum step towards Atamanirbhar Bharat.

– A physically and psychologically healthier and happier India.

– Children are among the travellers – it will make a positive impression on the future generation of Indians.

– Foreigners traveling in India will be inspired to learn Yoga as well. This will add to our soft power as a nation.

– It will be WORLD FIRST for a nation to encourage its citizens towards holistic wellness.

– In the era of pandemics building immunity holistically will help citizens + reduce the burden on our health care system.

Large airports can have a specific size Yoga Room at each terminal. Smaller airports can have proportionally smaller rooms (at least start with the larger ones). It should be part of the specs of any new airport coming up.

There can be an entry fee. So, the cost of the facility can be partially offset by the charges. Additionally, the state govt can be asked to bear part of the cost. Some part by the airport operator. (In fact, this should be part of any large transport facility of a certain scale – railway station, bus station).

Ideally it should have a unique look. So that it is easy for travellers to identify. Within the room there can be some furnishings / items from the region so that it doubles up partly to promote the culture of the city/state. A distinctive structure overall but with some regional enhancements. (This is largely wall decor as floor space needed for placing mats and doing yoga)

Yoga rooms at Indian airports are a way to positively impact 10 Crore+ travelers every year in India.

Savita Rao

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