करंट टॉपिक्स

Young Woman Suffers Inhuman Sorcery Torture

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Alappuzha (VSK). In Alappuzha, the husband of a young woman and some sorcerers are arrested for fastening the woman, beating her brutally and cutting her body with knife and sword. The incident was in Kattanam near Kayamkulam and the victim is an IT professional. The husband and the sorcerers were torturing her under the pretext that she was haunted by jin, the ghost in Islamic faith. And, she had to undergo sorcery torture. Now six people are arrested including husband, relatives and sorcerers.

The twenty-five years old woman had to undergo barbarian torture for three months. When it crossed all limits, she complained to the police. Then the police arrested her husband Aneesh, sorcerers Sulaiman and Imamuddeen and Aneesh’s relatives.

Aneesh used to whisper some hymns to his wife’s ears. She used to avoid it. Then Aneesh and his relations alleged that she was haunted by jins. Then they brought the sorcerers from Kulathoorpuzhaz to Aneesh’s home, reads the woman’s complaint.

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