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    ‘God Bless You and the RSS!’ – A heartwarming story from Maharashtra

    Sandeep Patil Mumbai. Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, the Seva work done by the Sangh Swayaymsevaks has reached many needy persons in the Manpadeshwar city. We present a special case experience by RSS’s Swayamsevaks in the city. An aged couple Sudhir and Shaila Naavgune resides in the Lakeside Greens Palava on the Badlapur Road. Sudhir after retiring from the Government job stayed alone with his wife and duri ...

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    FightAgainstCorona – ‘Robot’ joins the battle to defeat the COVID-19,  Developer Thanks RSS for the inspiration!

    Mumbai. The pandemic times have brought the nation to a standstill and the Corona warriors namely Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff etc all are battling with the deadly virus to uproot its tentacles from the nation. The Doctors and nurses have their families too however, with the motto of ‘Duty first!’ they are combating the COVID-19 virus. Hence, it becomes necessary to safeguard the community of Doctors ...

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    The RSS DNA – सेवा परमो धर्म:, सेवा धर्म सुखाव:

    Sohel asked for help of ration of another 30 men and Mr. Pandi made sure that necessary items were provided. Overwhelmed by such an active response Sohel writes, ‘No matter how much hatred is spread by some narrow-minded people, those who are innately good will always be good, irrespective of community, religion, or political affiliations. Sandeep Patil Mumbai (VSK). RSS’s JankalyanSamiti, Mumbai has been c ...

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    #IndiaStandsWithMigrants – RSS Swayamsevaks on the forefront!

    Mumbai. The COVID-19 lockdown has brought about severe existential crisis on the laborers and the daily wage workers. Owing to that most of the laborers have now started migrating back to their respective native villages. The unavailability of resources for traveling back led to confusion, fear among the workers and stifling of laborers at the public places like highways, toll plazas. On seeing the throttle ...

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    One Week for Nation – RSS Swayamsevaks Join BMC’s Efforts To Screen People In Slums For COVID-19

    Mumbai (VSK). In charge of managing India's hardest Coronavirus-hit city of Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is getting stretched to its extreme in its efforts to combat the deadly epidemic. In the process, doctors, nurses, and paramedic staffs are posed with a high risk of getting infected with COVID-19 themselves as well as their families. However, considering their job as a duty, heal ...

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    Decoding Adivasi Ekata Parishad

    Mumbai. One similarity in the Modus operandi of the left groups and Church is the web of front organisations they build in order to camouflage their identity and agenda. It is only exposed if we go thread by thread. A case in point is the Palghar Sadhu lynching case which has hurt the Hindu feelings deeply. It is being blamed on the social media rumours of 'Muslims spreading Corona' and ' an active gang for ...

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    The Heartwarming story of A Poor Labourer’s Rich Charity!

    In one such event, a labourer with tears in his eyes took out a note of five hundred rupees and said, ‘I’m a labourer and was travelling back to my village in a truck. Seeing all of you doing this, I wanted to help you a little with the best of my ability.’ Read more.....  Sandeep Patil Mumbai (VSK). The Covid-19 Lockdown, had serious effects on the daily livelihoods of labourers and migrant workers. Severe ...

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    Palghar – CID action exposes involvement of CPM, NCP activists

    Palghar. Involvement of local activists of the Communist Party (Marxist) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) was exposed with the arrest of four more accused by the CID while investigating the case. Four activists of the Communist Party (Marxist) and NCP are amongst those arrested by the CID in this case. Videos of the lynching of two Panchdashnami Juna Akhara sadhus – Mahant Kalpvruksh Giri Maharaj (70) a ...

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    #FightAgainstCorona – Along with yeoman service, RSS Swaymsevaks donate blood during the Pandemic

    Mumbai (VSK). According to WHO, blood donation by 1% of the population is generally taken as the minimum need to meet a nation’s basic requirements for blood; and as per data presented to Lok sabha India was short of 1.9 million units of blood. As per the data (2017-18) of the National Blood transfusion council of India, there are a total of 3023 blood banks of India and receive 78% of their blood supply fr ...

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    Palghar Lynching Case – Ambush on Maha police indicates to Maoist links?

    Mumbai, May 6. When the 400-500 strong unruly mob of Gadhcinchle village was targeting the hapless, innocent saffron-clad sadhus of Panchdashnami Juna Akhara on the night of April 16, another mob of 200-300 ambushed a Maharashtra Police party at Chisda village, just 13 km from Gadchinchle on the same night. Now, this cannot be a mere coincidence as that police party was heading towards Gadhcinchle as reinfo ...

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