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    Dharma Sansad, Resolution – 2 : Conspiracy to disintegrate Hindu society

    Dharma Sansad Sector-14, Old G.T. Road, Kumbh Mela Kshetra, Prayagraj Resolution - 2 : Conspiracy to disintegrate Hindu society The Islamic, church and communist forces are always working towards creating disunity in the Hindu society. Now some political parties and other organisations too have joined the bandwagon. Their modus operandi shows that they want to spread unrest in the Country. If in Bhima Koreg ...

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    Kinnar Akhara a centre of attraction at Kumbh

    A huge gate with the image of Ardhnarishwara - the amalgamation of male and female form in Lord Shiva at the centre top forms the backdrop of main stage of Kinner Akhara at the Kumbha nagri in Prayagraj. Seated at desert tent guarded with armed police and hefty bouncers, kinnar akhara Mandaleshwar Laxmi Narayan Tripathi with saffron chandan smeared on forehead, Blood red colour lipstick and heavy rudraksh b ...

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    Be cautious about divisive & anti-national forces – Dr. Krishna Gopal Ji

    Prayagraj. RSS Sahsarkaryawah Dr. Krishna Gopal Ji warned the countrymen to be cautious about the activities of divisive and anti-national forces. Such people are hiding in the society in the guise of teachers, lawyers, doctors and farmers and extend help to those anti-national elements and protect the terrorists in the courts of law, he said. He was addressing a ‘Vijaya Dashami Utsav’ on the 93rd foundatio ...

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    Collective effort must be made to change the destiny of Bharat – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

    Varanasi. RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Ji Bhagwat said that the Sanatan tradition in our culture has been existing since time immemorial. We have given the world a distinct culture, civilisation, knowledge and science. That is why there is a feeling of respect towards Bharat across the world. He said RSS gatherings are organised not to assemble the crowd but to organise people for a definite aim. It is not ...

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    Muslim School Manager Terms National Anthem Un-Islamic, Bars Singing

    Kashi. When everyone is proudly echoing “Nation First”, a Muslim school manager in Allahabad differs by saying “Religion First”, and terms national anthem as un-Islamic quoting the line ‘Bharat bhagya vidhata’ is against Islam as Allah is our bhagya vidhata not the nation. Mohammad Zia-ul Haq, a school Manager of M A Convent School in Sadiyabad, Allahabad district issued orders barring students from singing ...

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