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    Shri Ram Janmabhoomi – Final hearing in the case from 6th August

    The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court on Friday said that it will start hearing the appeals related to Ayodhya case on day to day basis from August 6th. The 3-member mediation panel that was setup by the Supreme Court has expressed that the Ayodhya case cannot be resolved through negotiations. The panel's decision was submitted to the court in a closed envelope on Thursday. The mediation panel was con ...

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    SC Takes Tough Stance on Temple Mismanagement – Temple Administration Should Be In Devotees’ Hands, Not Government

    New Delhi. The Supreme Court on Monday (8th March) took a strongly critical stance on government management of religious places, noting the blatant failures by official authorities to prevent offences such as theft of idols. The court said that the task of administration of these religious sites should instead be given to devotees. The bench comprising of Justices SA Bobde and SA Nazeer made the observation ...

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    New Delhi. In April, 2017 the Allahabad High Court gave a verdict of far reaching negative impact on constitutional scheme of reservation for Scheduled Caste (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) in teaching posts and vacancies in the central higher educational institutions (universities and the colleges affiliated to them) of the country. Last year this judgment has been approved by the Supreme Court of India. ...

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    Ram Mandir – Govt. demands non-disputed land to be returned to original owners

    New Delhi. The Centre on Tuesday moved the Supreme Court and sought the apex court’s permission to return the 67-acre acquired land around the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid site to its original owners. In a fresh plea, the Centre said it had acquired 67 acres of land around the 2.77 acre disputed Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid site. The government wants the removal of the status quo on the non-dispute ...

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    Come close to know Sabarimala – Not a discrimination, a unique temple, Unique Practice

    The Nation is watching what is happening in the God’s own country, the world famous Shrine Sabarimala is in the news from September 28 when the Apex Court permitted young women entry into the shrine. There are umpteen queries  regarding the practice of this unique temple which is being showcased as a centre of discrimination but to unearth the real facts little pain has be put in. The strange theories of di ...

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    After Manithi Activists, Two More Women Return Following Steadfast Protests By Ayyappa Devotees

    A day after 11 activists belonging to Chennai-based ‘Manithi’ (NGO) failed to enter the Lord Ayyappa shrine at Sabarimala, two more women in their forties were turned back without being able to enter the shrine on Monday (24 Dec.), reports The Tribune. The attempt by two women, came a day after a group of 11 women activists of ‘Manithi’, a Chennai-based outfit, unsuccessfully tried to reach the shrine. Stea ...

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    Clearing Misconceptions Regarding the Sabarimala Temple Tradition

    Real women devotees of Lord Ayyappa in Kerala and South India have never felt that their right to pray at Sabarimala temple has ever stood violated. Therefore the recent Supreme Court verdict has put in angst and rage, the entire Hindu community of Kerala. The verdict pronounced lifting of a ban on entry of women into the temple, “giving women equal rights to pray at Sabarimala” and and “sought to end any g ...

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    Supreme Court has been wanting in its duties on Ram temple case – Alok Kumar Ji

    Mr. Kumar says that despite the significance and public impact of the issue, it has not been decided yet. The pendency of appeals in the Ram Temple-Babri Masjid case has created uncertainty and kindled animosity between the two communities, says the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s working president, Alok Kumar, underlining the need for a law to enable the construction of a temple. The Supreme Court seems to be head ...

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    Sri Padmanabha Swami temple,Hindu interest is supreme: P Parameswaran

    Press Release: Once again Sri Padmanabha Swami temple is in the eye of a big storm following the report and recommendations of honourable Amicus Curiae. First it was Mr C V Ananda Bose who let the ghost out of the pot. His publicity mania in releasing inflated account of the treasure in the temple led to all sorts of views and opinions, suggestions and scapegoats. Had he continued himself to strictly and me ...

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