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    Sabarimala – Controversy monger Trupti Desai attempts to desecrate Sabarimala again

    Trupti Desai, the controversy monger has returned again to target Sabarimala tradition. She and her team landed in Kochi International Airport at 5 am today. They told the media that they are heading to Sabarimala to enter the temple. She carried the SC verdict of Sept 28, 2018. Bindu Ammini, one of the two woman activists who violated tradition last year, is part of Desai's team. Despite government's polic ...

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    ‘Islamic terrorists hand in glove with Maoists’: CPM district secretary confirms Red Jihad exists

    Kerala (VSK). “Muslim terrorist outfits in Kozhikode are helping the Maoists. Islamic terrorists are promoting them. The police must probe into it,” said CPM district secretary P. Mohanan. He was speaking at the meeting of the Kerala State Karshaka Thozhilali Union (KSKTU) in Thamarasseri. Confirming the nexus between Islamic and Communist terrorists, he said that the promoters of Maoists are the Islamic te ...

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    Did 2 women who entered Sabarimala have ‘any hidden agenda’: Kerala HC asks Pinarayi Govt

    The Kerala High Court on Tuesday made some sharp observations while hearing a batch of 15 petitions Sabarimala. The court asked the state government whether there was “any hidden agenda” in the recent incident of Maoist women entering Sabarimala. Referring to the recent entry of women in Sabarimala, the court asked whether those women were genuine devotees or have they visited the temple to prove something. ...

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    Communist Govt. Arrests 5,769 Devotees, 1,869 Cases Registered; Eerie Peace Prevails On Sunday

    After the communist govt. in Kerala arrests 5,769 devotees and 1,869 cases being registered, eerie peace prevailed in state on Sunday after four days of violent protests. The state had stumbled into turmoil after two women below 50 years of age, sneaked into the Lord Ayyappa’s shrine on 2nd January, with the support of ruling communist govt. with both BJP-RSS and ruling CPI(M) workers accusing each other of ...

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    Who stops Kerala Congress MPs from wearing black bands against women’s entry?

    New Delhi. Congress MPs from Kerala are very upset. Why? Because they were at the receiving end of a cold shoulder from UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, who did not allow them to register their protest against Pinarayi Vijayan's govt. allowing two women to enter the Sabarimala temple. They had scheduled a protest against this on Wednesday. The idea was to be seen observing a 'Black Day' inside the Parliament, ...

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    SC rejects urgent hearing plea against Sabarimala Thantri

    The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to entertain a contempt petition moved against Thantri of the Sabarimala temple. The Chief Justice of SC replied that there was no urgency to consider the contempt petition as the review is coming upon January 22. The fervent plea made by the petitioners’ counsel was rejected by the court. The CPI(M)-led LDF government has been acting through proxies in the apex court. ...

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    CPM’s ‘Divisive Wall’ against Sabarimala costs Kerala exchequer

    CPM-led Pinarayi govt. runs from pillar to post for 'catching' the women and children for the Women Wall they organise on January 01, 2019. Since CPM and LDF have been flaunting various sorts of themes and concepts, at different stages, for the Wall, the people of Kerala sill do not know what the organisers mean. Whatever they say, no doubt, it is for the promotion of the pet theme of CPM and LDF leaders, t ...

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    One lakh Jacobite Christians to join CPM Govt.’s ‘Women’s Wall’ against Sabarimala

    When the CPM faces massive resistance from all sections of society, cutting across political and religious lines, over the proposed ‘Women's Wall’ on January 01, that aimed at dividing the Hindu society on the basis of caste. On Sunday, the Jacobite Syrian Church, a prominent Christian church in Kerala, extended its support to the Women’s Wall, which will be organised by the Kerala Govt., aiming at resistin ...

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    Ayyappa Jyothies lit across the state

    Kasaragod. Thousands of people lit "Ayyappa Jyothies" (lamps) across Kerala from the northern Kasaragod district to the state capital down south Wednesday evening, vowing to protect the rituals and traditions of the famous hill shrine of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. Ayyappa devotees, including women and children and people from various walks of life, including former DGP TP Senkumar, actor and MP Suresh Gopi ...

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    Only Hindus Will Head Devaswom Boards – Kerala High Court

    The High Court ruling deals a severe blow to CPM’s sinister move to appoint non-Hindus to key posts in the Kerala Hindu temple administration board New Delhi. Kerala High Court ruled on October 26, that only Hindus can come to the helm of Dewaswoms. The rule is in the wake of petitions filed by BJP state president Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai, Hindu Aikya Vedi general secretary R.V Babu and former Thiruvitha ...

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