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Bhagyanagar – RSS Sarsanghchalak inspires swayamsevaks of IT Milans

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Bhagyanagar. RSS IT Milans (On February 17, 2024) Bhagyanagar orchestrated a remarkable Pariwar Sammelan at Sandhya Convention, Gachibowli, drawing together IT Milan swayamsevaks and Balagokulam Sikshaks along with their families for a day of camaraderie and enlightenment.

The event was graced by the RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji. Joining him on the dais were Mukhya Atithi Srinivas Reddy ji, General Manager and MD of Kofax India; Kshetra Sanghchalak V Nagaraj ji; Telangana Prant Sanghchalak Sunder Reddy ji, and Sambhag Sanghchalak Dr. ShriKrishna Prasad ji.

Srinivas Reddy ji, in his address, applauded the remarkable progress Bharat has made across all sectors, particularly in the economic realm, over the past two decades. He emphasised the allure of Bharat’s opportunities, drawing expatriates back to the nation, and commended the tireless efforts of RSS and its affiliated organisations in enriching various facets of social life.

Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat Ji, in his profound discourse, delved into the foundational ethos of the RSS, rooted in societal unification. Reflecting on Bharat’s history of conquest and subjugation by foreign powers, he underscored the imperative of internal unity, elucidating the RSS’s mission to awaken and organize Hindu society based on Hindutva principles.

He said, “The genesis of RSS was unification of society. We have previously been invaded, vanquished, and taken as slaves by seven foreign powers, including the British. It was not the strength of any invaders that defeated us, but rather our own disunity. Dr. Hedgewar ji started the RSS to organise and awaken Hindu society based on Hindutva, which alone can transcend all differences”.

Highlighting recent events like the Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Sarsanghchalak Ji exemplified how Hindutva transcends divisions of caste, language, and political affiliation. He emphasised unity in diversity, sacrifice, and self-control as quintessential attributes of Hindutva.

“We have been one and will remain one despite diversity because we are Hindus. Our Sanskriti teaches us to accept diversity. Hindutva is characterised by unity in diversity, sacrifice, self-control and a spirit of gratitude. In the Hindu perspective, the fundamental unit of society is the family, not the individual. Sarsanghchalak ji urged swayamsevals to quit ‘vyaktivaad’ (individualism) and live harmoniously with everyone”.

Further, he stressed the paramount importance of family in Hindu society, advocating for harmony and collective welfare over individualism. He extolled the complementary roles of men and women and encouraged matrushakti to contribute to nation-building through organisations like Sevika Samiti.

Urging parents to actively engage in their children’s education, he emphasised the pivotal role of family and society in instilling cultural values and patriotism. He championed the use of the mother tongue at home as a means of preserving cultural heritage.

In a global context, he envisioned Bharat as a beacon of happiness and harmony, offering invaluable lessons in peaceful coexistence to the world.

The event also featured engaging activities for children organized by Bala Vibhag, aimed at instilling values and patriotism.

With a robust turnout of 1051 men, 548 women, and 505 children, the Pariwar Sammelan served as a testament to the growing enthusiasm and participation within the RSS IT Milans Bhagyanagar.

The event marked a significant milestone, with many swayamsevaks and Balagokulam shikshaks meeting attendance criteria set forth by the organisation. This surge in participation led to the establishment of 21 new IT milans and the inclusion of 800 new IT professionals in the milans.

As the RSS IT Milans Bhagyanagar continue to expand their reach, with 91 IT milans and 57 Balagokulams currently operational across the region, the spirit of unity and collective progress remains steadfast among its dedicated karyakartas.

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  1. संगठित समाज भाग्य परिवर्तन की, कुंजी है।
    “भारत माता की जय”

  2. I am Committed to the ethical and legal values of Bharath, totally dedicated to nationalism, fairness to all people, to promote the progress, fraternity, oneness of the nation, striving to achieve the highest possible and reach the highest position for Bharath in the comity of nations in the world. Bharath first and then the rest….! Bharath Matha ki Jay…..! Victory to Bharath..!

  3. Nation first . No compromise. We must prepare ourselves to meet everything that against our Bharat. Bharat Madhaki Jai

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