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    Unholy trio of Church Priests, dubious NGO’s and DMK trying to Christianise Tamil Culture for a separatist agenda

    Senior archaeologist Harishankar has accused the Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) excavation at Keezadi is with ulterior motives and produce history by hook or crook. Former CM Karunanidhi’s daughter and Thoothukudi MP Kanimozhi has been accused of trying to manipulate and meddle with the excavation. TS Venkatesan Gaspar Raj’s NGO, Tamil Maiyam, which included Catholic priests such Lourdu Anadam and V ...

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    Breaking India forces trying to usurp Keezhadi excavations

    The archaeological sites at Keezhadi, Pattanam and Vangchhia and artifacts therein have been openly accessed by dubious forces who have no say in the findings. These forces are now accused of removing artifacts that do not fit the “Dravidian” ideology so that a separate identity for Tamils, distinct from “Hindu Civilization”, can be formulated. TS Venkatesan Concerted, well planned efforts are on to falsify ...

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    UN Goodwill Ambassador for the Poor – 13 year old daughter of Madurai hair dresser uses 5 lakh rupees saved for higher education

    Chennai. 13 year old Nethra convinced her family to use all the money saved for her higher education and marriage to serve the migrants and needy people affected by the lockdown. The young Madurai school girl never knew her decision to serve the needy would earn her fame and a chance to become UN Goodwill Ambassador for the poor. Nethra’s 47 year old father, Mohan, is a hair dresser by profession and a nati ...

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    Charity starts at ‘home’ for this Tiruchy landlord

    TIRUCHY. ‘The Lord works in mysterious ways,’ goes the saying. For some tenants near Tiruchy, it was as if “the Lord” appeared in the guise of landlord when their monthly rent was waived. An owner of four building complexes in Thuvakudi near Tiruchy, 51-year-old Balamurugan didn’t think twice when some of his tenants, most of them daily wage workers, brought sweat-laced notes to pay April’s rent. “I know ho ...

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    Tamil Nadu – Girl studying in a Christian school commits suicide in Tamil Nadu after alleged torture by teachers

    Tamil Nadu. A 15 year old girl studying in a Christian school in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu has committed suicide after being unable to bear the alleged torture from her teachers and nuns. She was in her uniform when she took the extreme step. The girl’s suicide has sparked a stir with her parents refusing to take back the body after autopsy. Hindu Munnani leaders have urged the police to file FIR against the ...

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    TN school uses students in anti-CAA rally, Complaint filed

    Hindu Munnani calls to de-recognize the school Tamil Nadu. In yet another incident of politicization of schools, police filed cases against Sacred Heart Senior Secondary school teachers Vasanthi, Muthuselvel for forcing the students to take part in an anti-CAA rally at Srivilliputhur. Hindu Munnani on hearing the rally, stormed the venue and fought with the police to stop the procession of students. After a ...

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    Resurgence, a continuous process – Dr. Aniruddha Deshpande

    Around 500 enthusiastic listeners were part of a Meet ‘Resurgent Bharat - The future depends on what we do in the present’ in Chennai on 2nd February, organized by IT Milan, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Chennai.  Dr. Anirudha Deshpande, Akhil Bharatiya Sampark Pramukh, RSS, Sridhar Vembu, Founder & CEO, Zoho Corporation, Chandrasekar, Sanghchalak Chennai Mahanagar were on dais. Ramprasad sang an inaugur ...

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    Tamil Nadu in the grip of Islamic radicals

    Tamil Nadu (VSK). Tamil Nadu, which has been reckoned as a tranquil state free from terror, has in the past ten days been slowly turning into a terror-infested state if one goes by the recent incidents. Ka Kuttralanathan, State secretary of Hindu Munnani says that the list of recent incidents in the state paint a grim picture of the grip of Jihadi elements in the state. He listed the recent incidents which ...

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    Love Jihad and role of Islamic radicals apparent in the murder of Tamil Nadu BJP worker Vijaya Raghu

    Tamilnadu (VSK). One more CAA supporter belonging to Dalit community was hacked to death in Trichy in Tamil Nadu allegedly by Muslim goons. But the opposition which has been vociferous in the revocation of the CAA, has turned nelson eye to the killing. The hand tied state police machinery is learned to have passed it off as yet another case of personal enmity. Vijaya Raghu (40), a zonal secretary of BJP Tri ...

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    Madras High Court – Court directs State Government to remove objectionable content about RSS from school textbook

    Madras High Court, on January 10, directed the State Government to remove the objectionable portion about RSS from the 10th standard social science textbook. A Petition has been filed by RSS Karyakarta P. Chandrasekaran, Chennai in WP.No. 639 of 2020, against the content in 10th standard social science textbook stating “RSS took a pronounce anti-Muslim stand" under the caption Hindu communalism and it was p ...

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