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    Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee – a great nationalist

        -  Advocate Ronik Sharma The supreme sacrifice of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee was an eye opener for the believers of Nationalism who were working for the unity and integrity of the Bharat. He was a devout patriot, proud nationalist and great son of Maa Bharati. His supreme sacrifice for Bharat and an ideal of Ek Vidhan, Ek Nishan, Ek Pradhan are our guiding force. Dr. Mookerjee not only devoted his life ...

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    ‘God Bless You and the RSS!’ – A heartwarming story from Maharashtra

    Sandeep Patil Mumbai. Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, the Seva work done by the Sangh Swayaymsevaks has reached many needy persons in the Manpadeshwar city. We present a special case experience by RSS’s Swayamsevaks in the city. An aged couple Sudhir and Shaila Naavgune resides in the Lakeside Greens Palava on the Badlapur Road. Sudhir after retiring from the Government job stayed alone with his wife and duri ...

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    Viral Post Fact Check – Does Mohan Bhagwat wants to bring back Manu Smriti and Caste system?

    New Delhi. Fake news is perfect, It is meant to spread. Why? Cause It is shocking, surprising, and it will be playing on people’s emotions, and that’s a recipe for how to spread misinformation. Such is the case of the following pic which is making rounds of social media. Post claims - This post with photo RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat claims that he is getting books written for various castes. Reason ...

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    Mob lynching OR A conspired Murder?

    Kalpesh Joshi Mumbai On the 21st of April five days have passed by since the Palghar incident. It has been three days since the incident came to light on social media and two days in the media. During these eight days, a lot of things happened, there were reactions, it involved politics. But, some facts have come to the fore on this occasion. So whether the Palghar massacre is a rumored mob lynching or a pl ...

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    Is Maharashtra Government trying to save skin by arresting a journalist?

    MUMBAI (VSK). While Maharashtra government has arrested a self-styled North Indian leader Vinay Dube from Navi Mumbai and an ABP Majha reporter Rahul Kulkarni in connection with the Chaos at Bandra railway station on Tuesday (April 14) evening, questions are being asked whether the state government is trying save its skin and using the arrest of the journalist as a cover up. The Bandra Chaos is being seen a ...

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    Congress loses historical perspective & vilifies Veer Savarkar

    Looking back into its own history will provide present day party leadership the right perspective on Hindutva icon & revolutionary & freedom Savarkar Devesh Khandelwal New Delhi. Is there a systematic vilification campaign that has been launched against Hindu icon, revolutionary and freedom fighter Veer Savarkar by all and the sundry? Well, its an emphatic yes to the question given most anti-Hindu e ...

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    Kerala – Red-Jihadi mob attacks Hindu houses, sets ablaze vehicles

    After Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad’s anti-CAA speech Kerala. The anti-CAA protests are turning communal in Kerala as Communist-Islamist nexus have been consistently targetting RSS-BJP workers and their families in the name of the agitation. In yet another incident, suspected CPM-PFI workers attacked the houses and vehicles of RSS-BJP workers in Kodungallur. In the attack, several houses were destroye ...

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    TN school uses students in anti-CAA rally, Complaint filed

    Hindu Munnani calls to de-recognize the school Tamil Nadu. In yet another incident of politicization of schools, police filed cases against Sacred Heart Senior Secondary school teachers Vasanthi, Muthuselvel for forcing the students to take part in an anti-CAA rally at Srivilliputhur. Hindu Munnani on hearing the rally, stormed the venue and fought with the police to stop the procession of students. After a ...

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    Tamil Nadu in the grip of Islamic radicals

    Tamil Nadu (VSK). Tamil Nadu, which has been reckoned as a tranquil state free from terror, has in the past ten days been slowly turning into a terror-infested state if one goes by the recent incidents. Ka Kuttralanathan, State secretary of Hindu Munnani says that the list of recent incidents in the state paint a grim picture of the grip of Jihadi elements in the state. He listed the recent incidents which ...

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    Love Jihad and role of Islamic radicals apparent in the murder of Tamil Nadu BJP worker Vijaya Raghu

    Tamilnadu (VSK). One more CAA supporter belonging to Dalit community was hacked to death in Trichy in Tamil Nadu allegedly by Muslim goons. But the opposition which has been vociferous in the revocation of the CAA, has turned nelson eye to the killing. The hand tied state police machinery is learned to have passed it off as yet another case of personal enmity. Vijaya Raghu (40), a zonal secretary of BJP Tri ...

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