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    Swayamsevaks – Spirits who help in times of danger

    Andhra Pradesh (VSK). Many people are getting sick by the release of chemical poisonous gas from LG Polymers in less than 20 hours…. Rumors of fury in the town have terrified people. The second time the toxins are leaking, the plant is likely to explode in a while…. Various rumors such as this have stoked. Thousands of people who were terrified by the rumors on Thursday on the 7th took their lives by the pa ...

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    ABVP workers rushed to help Visakha sufferers

    Andhra Pradesh (VSK). Readers are aware that people are suffering from LG-gas leakage in RR Venkatapuram, Simhachalam, Pendurthy, Krishnarayapuram and villages in Visakha. As soon as news of the gas leakage became known, ABVP students rushed to help the victims. Some victims were taken to hospitals in available vehicles. Meals and buttermilk parcels were prepared and served to the victims. Also on the secon ...

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    Gas Leak Incident – Service activities by Swayamsevaks in Visakha.

    Andhra Pradesh (VSK). The neighbours of the surrounding villages were severely dehydrated when the chemical gas from the polymer plant located at Gopalapatnam near Venkatapuram in Visakhapatnam leaked at 3am on Friday morning. Infants, in particular, have become very ill. Cows, buffaloes and other animals have also died. During this time, Vignana Vihara Gudilova’s Vivekananda Hospital ambulances were also r ...

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    Gas leak in Visakha – 8 Dead – Hundreds are in serious trouble

    Vishakhapattanam (VSK). LG Polymers in RR Venkatapuram in Gopalapatnam, Visakha City, has taken a huge risk in the industry. Chemical gas leakage from the industry spread over 3 km. This causes skin rashes, burns in the eyes and difficulty breathing in the locals. According to reports, 8 people have died so far. Three died in RR Venkatapuram and five were during treated in Visakha KGH. People falling on the ...

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    Christian Prayer Meetings held next to a Hindu Endowment Temple in Andhra Pradesh

    Hyderabad (VSK). The state's 'secular' politics of appeasement has only emboldened the Christian missionaries to further hurt the sentiments of Hindus by conducting prayer meetings very next to a prominent temple in a village. The Andhra Pradesh government and police should take necessary precautions before such actions of the evangelists causes disturbances in the society. The Hindus of Eeduru village, Att ...

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    Administration conniving to syphon off Pushkar ghats for Conversions

    Hindus in Andhra Pradesh today are wondering if they even have the right to remain as Hindu given the kind of support and means the evangelists are employing to convert gullible Hindus. Pushkar ghats on the banks of the mighty river Godavari is one of most sacred venues for Hindus south of the Vindhyas. Hindus pay obeisance to Godavari by taking a dip, and Pushkarams held once every 12 years are most sacred ...

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    We will run an awareness campaign across the society for water and environmental protection

    RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Dr. Manmohan Vaidya stated that the entire nation will stand and work together in solidarity with Seva Bharathi to overcome the Kerala floods calamity. For flood rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations, more than 1.20 lakhs karyakartas are at work in Kerala and have set up more than 300 relief camps. Medical camps that are being run number 250, 350 boats are involved in rescuing peo ...

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    RSS All India Samanvay Baithak begins 

    Mantralyam. The All India Samanvay Baithak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh began today at Raghavendra Math, Mantralyam (Andhra Pradesh) on the coast of river Tungbhadra with blessings and address of revered Swami Subudendra Teertha Ji. Swami ji said that Bharat is the best among the galaxy of nation and this is a land  where the Saints and ascetics have worked. Bharat is known as Jagadguru among all. Thi ...

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    Sri Shiva Prasad Ji, an epitome of Simple Living and High Thinking

    Telangana (VSK). Ma. Sri Dendukoori Shiva Prasad Ji passed away on 6th Feb 2018 at 12:30PM at the age of 83 in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He is survived by wife, two sons and two daughters. Sri Acharya Dendukoori Shiva Prasad Ji born in 1935 near Guntur. He was a Sanskrit scholar. Worked as RSS pracharak for 2 years before moving to Visakhapatnam. After coming to Vishakhapatnam, he began his formal edu ...

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    Pastor sexually exploited Church going young women in Andhra Pradesh

    After the pastor was exposed by a local TV channel, locals held a public meet along with Rajakumari and police officials A pastor who allegedly sexually exploited young women in Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district is facing potential arrest after AP Women’s Commission chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari visited Jagannadhapuram village on Wednesday. Following Rajakumari’s visit, several women approached h ...

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