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    Celebrate Ram temple commencement poojan day, with Corona watchfulness – VHP

    New Delhi. The Vishva Hindu Parishad has prepared a comprehensive action plan regarding the worship to be held for the re-construction of the temple on Shri Ram's birthplace. According to this, while on coming 5th August in Ayodhya, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be worshiping with revered saints, scholars, trustees and other dignitaries for the grand Janmabhoomi temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram, t ...

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    ISKCON – Legal action against Shemaroo Ent & Comedian Surleen Kaur for defaming the organisation and Sanatan Dharma

    New Delhi. Defaming Hindu saints, demonising Hindutva, subtle shaming of Hindu beliefs and traditions have been the order of the day for most Web series and stand-up comedians. Lack of legal action had emboldened them as they have continued with the practice for long. Now, ISKCON seems to have taken this seriously and has indicated that the organisation will seek to put an end to it. In the lastest example, ...

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    Pakistan must introspect, instead of throwing dirt at neighbours – VHP

    New Delhi. Reacting sharply to the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, the VHP Central Secretary General, Milind Parande, said that before throwing its dirt at the neighbours, unholy-Pakistan should stop committing ruthless atrocities on its religious minorities sponsored by its Muslim fundamentalists and the Government! The 70 years of nonstop horizontal religious conversions, inhuman atrocities ...

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    ‘Left Trying To Destroy Sanatan Dharma’ – Former Deputy PM, Nepal

    Kamal Thapa Calls For Hindus of World to Unite to Save Hinduism Kamal Thapa, the former deputy prime minister of Nepal and leader of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, on Friday (20 December) called for all the Hindus of the world to unite in fight against the leftists who are hell bent on destroying the ‘Sanatan Dharma’. In response to a tweet by Vedic Scholar Dr. David Frawley also known as Pandit Vamadeva Shas ...

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    “First of all, We will have to become what We actually are”

    Bharat’s identity is intrinsically tied with the eternal philosophy of Hindutva For ages, Bharat has offered a unique view of life because it is based on spirituality. Bharat believes that Truth can have various forms, names and paths to reach it. Though diverse, all these paths are equal. Bharat sees unity in diversity and has a capacity to establish unity amongst such expansive variety. It doesn’t see div ...

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    The process of decolonisation started in 2014 needs continuity – J Nandakumar

    New Delhi. “The idea of Bharat is rooted in Hindutva which is revealed as philosophy (rather Darshan) and poles apart from the concept of ideology. This Hindutva, which was emanated from Vedas and Agamas is all-inclusive and all-encompassing in nature and, has naturally created a heartening and enriching milieu that has shaped many eminent right thinking intellectuals in our ancient society,” said Prajna Pr ...

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    Tradition of ‘Fraternity’ is Hindutva

    At a recently held lecture series, the Sarsanghachalak of Rshtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat, said, “‘Fraternity’ is the essence of the Sangh’s activities, and exemplifies our country’s ‘unity in diversity’.” “It is this tradition of fraternity that is referred to as “Hindutva”, Dr. Bhagwat continued. “And that is why we say that Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra, where ‘Rashtra’, stands for ‘peop ...

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