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Youth Congress attempt to insult the Prime Minister

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Thrissur, Kerala (VSK).

Physical confrontation took place in Thrissur, on January 4, between Youth Congress and BJP workers, near the dais on which Prime Minister addressed the Mahila Samgamam on January 3. Fight started when BJP and BJYM workers resisted the Youth Congress workers’ attempt to sprinkle liquid cow dung at the dais claiming that they were purifying the place as ‘Modi desecrated it with his presence’. Youth Congress men came with cow dung when a handful of BJP workers and labourers were dismantling the dais and the temporary tents.

Immediately several BJP workers came to the scene and resisted the Youth Congress men. Interestingly even though police force stood between both groups, they did not even attempt to dissuade the Youth Congress blokes from their unacceptable attempts. On the other hand, they asked BJP workers to withdraw. Naturally tension mounted and Youth Congress men attacked BJP and BJYM workers with the wooden pieces. Reports suggest that police used force against BJP workers.

The resistance was led by BJP Thrissur district president Adv. K.K. Aneesh kumar. He alleged that the whole episode was the result of the conspiracy hatched by police, opposition Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and ruling CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF). He said, sympathisers of outlawed Popular Front of India (PFI) are in Police force. They are hand-in-glove with both UDF and LDF. Police helped Youth Congress workers to encroach into the venue where PM’s programme took place on January 3. They helped the Congress men to unleash conflict. He alleged that despite getting prior information, police did not take any action to prevent the Youth Congress men. He also alleged that Congress leader T.N. Pratapan MP (Thrissur) was behind the entire drama, because, he is worried about winning the Thrissur Parliamentary election again.

Adv. Aneesh kumar further alleged that Youth Congress’s cow dung agitation is to insult the PM due to his caste. He pointed out that sprinkling of cow dung was a symbol of purification during the dark period of caste-based oppression and untouchability. As PM’s programme was confined to ladies’ conclave, Youth Congress attempt was an insult to the women.

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