करंट टॉपिक्स

Karyakartas are engaged in service work in many states of the country

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New Delhi. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), dedicated to the service of Ram and his extended personality – the Nation, has prepared a comprehensive action plan to serve the Bharatiyas under attack by the global pandemic of COVID-19 Corona virus. Anyway, many of these works have already been started by VHP Karyakartas at their respective levels, but to give it momentum at the pan-Bharat level, the Central Secretary General of VHP, Milind Parande, while declaring a war on Corona, called upon the Karyakartas to mobilize with full steam and join forces with all the monasteries and temples, Gurudwaras, Sant fraternity, Dharmacharyas and voluntary organizations to wage war against this pandemic. Nevertheless, during the first wave of Corona in 2020, VHP Karyakartas offered Seva to the Corona-affected needy people in the whole country, but in view of the more dangerous magnitude of the situation this time, they have soared up the service activities to a higher gear.

The VHP has spiraled its Seva strategy and tactics into four fronts. The first is obviously “Prevention is better than cure”. The second is to serve the infected and make all possible efforts to save their lives. The third is to provide support and assistance to the affected families. And the fourth is to arrange for the last journey of the Corona victims and measures for their liberation. In order to handle all the four fronts, the VHP has prepared to deploy its cadre and organizational strength.

The VHP Karyakartas, under the banner of preventive measures, would ensure that all eligible people take advantage of the vaccination programme of the Government. The Karyakartas, through social media, phone calls and personal contacts, have been removing the anti-vaccine propaganda and confusions and motivating people and facilitating their vaccination. They have been sensitizing people about the indispensability of the present norms of Two-Guz (5.9 ft.) personal distancing, use of face-masks, hand & face sanitization and other protocols of hygiene, etc. Also, they are distributing Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Siddha Medicines as necessary; running Yoga sessions to promote the virtues of social discipline, patience and boost morale; and through helpline numbers, arranging consultations with and assistance from experts in the respective fields.

The services pertaining to the second front include consultations with physicians and Vaidyas, arranging for ambulances, provisions for oxygen cylinders, plasma, blood, oxygen concentrator units, medicines and oximeters, etc. It also includes isolation/quarantine centers, meals for patients and their family members, assistance to lone family members in homes and hospitals, and support to and cooperation with medical personnel, etc.

Services pertaining to the third front include distribution of food & water, medicines and ration to the affected families and the labourers, other low-income group people; care for the home-alone elderly, students and children; fodder/food & water for the cow progeny and other animals; food, water and medicines for the travelling people forced to flee to their native places.

Service pertaining to the fourth front is extremely difficult and challenging. Such tasks as arranging for hearse/mortuary vans to transport Corona victims from the hospitals/homes to the doors of liberation, arrangements for their funeral services and cremation, arrangements for related materials, are easier said than done, and for which sometimes it is difficult to persuade even the family members of the corona victims. Always, self-protection of kryakartas engaged in these services from droplet or contact or airborne transmissions of the Corona-virus is a critical challenge.

Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini – the youth wings of the VHP – taking all risks whatsoever, are wholeheartedly engaged physically, mentally and resource-wise in these service activities. Parande also called upon the corporate world to vigorously join forces and resources with these service activities. An attempt has been being made by a section of the media intentionally or inadvertently to create a negative atmosphere by weakening the morale of the society. He expressed concern over this. VHP karyakartas are contributing towards creating a positive atmosphere by themselves engaging in and also encouraging good works and efforts.


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