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Nava Kerala Sadas – Gunman beats protester; CM justifies it

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Alappuzha, Kerala (VSK).

Kerala Cabinet’s luxury trip in the name of Nava Kerala Sadas leads to violent scenes wherever it goes. Alappuzha district witnessed, on December 16, an unusual incident. Even though the policemen pushed the protesting Youth Congressmen back when they waved black flags and raised anti-Pinarayi slogans, chief minister’s gunman and three security men jumped out from the accompanying vehicle and beat the Youth Congress men with long sticks.

District president of Congress-led Kerala Students Union (KSU) A.D. Thomas’s skull is broken and state secretary Ajay Jewel is badly injured; both are hospitalised. Though the local policemen had controlled the protesters, CM’s gunman and security officials beat up them (protesters).

But, interestingly, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan justified the incident the same day. He said, his gunman acted based on the security detail. Gunman’s reaction was based on his duty to keep the CM safe during public programmes. But, the same time, he said that he never saw his gunman beating up anyone during Nava Kerala Sadas.

And, he said, once he noticed gunman Anilkumar pushing a photographer back as he was blocking his (CM’s) way. He added that a gunman is obliged to ensure the chief minister’s safety.

Chief Minister was justifying this incident also which had been reported from Idukki.

Reports from Alappuzha says, a differently abled Youth Congress man was brutally attacked by DYFI workers for waving black flags at the cabinet vehicle in Kayamkulam.

Chief Minister took the opportunity to say that there are people among the media persons who do long to see him dead.

When CM takes this sort of stand, it serves as encouragement to his party men and police personnel to opt aggressive step. A policeman from the CM’s escort team has reportedly challenged, through social media, the protesters to stop the cabinet vehicle at Kadakkal, Kollam.

But legal experts opined that CM’s gunman violated the protocol. The visual telecasts of TV channel showed the gunman brutally beating the protesters while they tried to block the bus carrying the entire cabinet. Anil was intervening in the duty of the local police hence broke the protocol.

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