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    Saint in a Politician Garb

    Shankar Ramachandran 117 years ago, on this day, Kumaraswami Kamaraj was born, who went on to become the Chief Minister of Madras Province, as Tamil Nadu was then known, before the States Reorganisation in 1956. As circumstances would have it, he later became  President of the Indian National Congress, which he left and founded & presided Indian National Congress (Organisation), till his death in 1975. ...

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    Resetting India’s national security vision – 2

    Time for a new security doctrine based on vision of Vir Savarkar-Subhash Chandra Bose and an honest admission that Gandhiji did greats things for India but his ideology of complete non-violence and Hindu-Muslim unity at Hindu cost did much damage to the nation and is bedeviling It even today. By Uday Mahurkar Need for honest debate on Gandhiji’s ideology of complete non-violence woven around often empty slo ...

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    Politics post Pandemic – Spanish flu, First world war and Khilafat movement

    Dr. Sanjay Subbaiah Bengaluru. In these trying times of COVID 19 everyone is hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Epidemiologists, Scientists, Doctors, Mathematicians, Statisticians have all predicted various possible outcomes of this pandemic. One way of trying to predict the course is to look back at previous pandemics. The last major pandemic i.e. Spanish Flu pandemic was about 100 yrs back. ...

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    Vishwa Samvad Samiti Holds Discussion on Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 – MYTH AND REALITY

    Jallandhar (VSK). A Lecture-cum-Discussion on the important subject of myth and realities governing the application of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA), was organised by the Vishwa Samvad Samiti at JC Resort, Bypass Road. The main speaker was Col. (Retd.) Jaibans Singh. Col. Jaibans Singh expressed great concern about the violent agitation in the aftermath of the act being passed through a consti ...

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    Mahatma Gandhi Assassination and Nehru – A Few Unanswered Questions

    Every year, it is a practice of the Congress and the commie brigade to make some remarks on Hindu nationalism on January 30. On January 30, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. A few months before his death, Bharat had attained political Independence and a few hours before Independence, Bharat was partitioned. Partition was a result of the aggressive stand of the Muslim League, weak leadership of the Indi ...

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    RSS fetish of Nehru Family and Durbaris

    Media is in a flutter about Madhya Pradesh Congress talking of banning RSS and related organisations from government properties and prohibiting government employees from participating in RSS activities. For me it shows Nehru family and its durbaris’ RSS fetish or obsession. This fetish goes back to 1947. This latest attempt by MP Congress is nothing but continuing the legacy of their colonial masters faithf ...

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    Sardar Patel and RSS

    The Congress party posted a video on Twitter stating that Sardar Patel was opposed to RSS. This propaganda to implicate the Sangh is basically because the Sangh echoed the sentiments of the nation which wanted Sardar Patel to be the 1st Prime Minister of Bharat instead of Nehru. The venom spewed by the Congress party on the Sangh is well known. Rajaji said Patel would make a better PM than Nehru That Patel ...

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