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    Mahatma Gandhi Assassination and Nehru – A Few Unanswered Questions

    Every year, it is a practice of the Congress and the commie brigade to make some remarks on Hindu nationalism on January 30. On January 30, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. A few months before his death, Bharat had attained political Independence and a few hours before Independence, Bharat was partitioned. Partition was a result of the aggressive stand of the Muslim League, weak leadership of the Indi ...

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    RSS fetish of Nehru Family and Durbaris

    Media is in a flutter about Madhya Pradesh Congress talking of banning RSS and related organisations from government properties and prohibiting government employees from participating in RSS activities. For me it shows Nehru family and its durbaris’ RSS fetish or obsession. This fetish goes back to 1947. This latest attempt by MP Congress is nothing but continuing the legacy of their colonial masters faithf ...

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    Sardar Patel and RSS

    The Congress party posted a video on Twitter stating that Sardar Patel was opposed to RSS. This propaganda to implicate the Sangh is basically because the Sangh echoed the sentiments of the nation which wanted Sardar Patel to be the 1st Prime Minister of Bharat instead of Nehru. The venom spewed by the Congress party on the Sangh is well known. Rajaji said Patel would make a better PM than Nehru That Patel ...

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