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Assam – Over 30 girls allegedly lured by Ghaziabad agency with nursing jobs

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A placement agency is alleged to have duped over 30 young women from Barak, promising them employment as nurses in renowned hospitals outside the state. The agency, Fabtax Private Limited based in Valuar, Silchar, has been accused of trafficking these women abroad.

Out of the total, 19 have managed to escape from Ghaziabad, while it is believed that 11 are still trapped there. The victims have called for action against the placement centre, a plea that has been refuted by the agency’s authorities.

As per media reports, the girls, mostly under-educated, were taken to Delhi on February 15 and then covertly transported to Kapasehra town in Haryana. They were promised employment at Yashda Hospital, but were instead held in a brothel in Kapasehra.

The rest were taken to Ghaziabad. The victims reported that they were lured to Delhi under the guise of receiving training to become hospital nurses. Prior to this, they underwent several months of nursing training at the placement agency’s office on Ashram road in Silchar.

The young women reported they were kept in conditions akin to a brothel while supposedly employed at a limestone hospital in Kapasehra. The victims claimed they were later taken to Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, where their situation remained unchanged.

The men frequently visited the building where they were kept, engaging the young women in various untoward activities. Disturbed by these circumstances, the women decided to flee, reaching Silchar. However, 11 of their acquaintances are still reportedly stuck in Ghaziabad.

The victims lodged a complaint with the Cachar superintendent of police, alleging they were being sold under the guise of employment. The survivors are now advocating for the rescue of the remaining women stranded in Ghaziabad and Haryana.

According to Indiatodayne report, the placement centre authorities in Silchar refuted these allegations, stating they have employed hundreds of young women from outside the state for the past three to four years without any such complaints. The centre’s representatives suspect these accusations are part of a deliberate defamation campaign.





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