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Google launches earthquake alert for Android users in Bharat

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Google has launched an earthquake alert for Android users in Bharat. The new feature utilizes the sensors in Android phones, including the accelerometer, to detect seismic activity. Users will receive immediate notifications of any detected changes, allowing them to take precautions during the early stages of an earthquake.

The Android Earthquake Alert System feature has been successfully implemented in various countries, and Google emphasizes the importance of providing timely information for people to safeguard themselves. The introduction of this feature in India followed consultations with the National Disaster Management Authority and the National Seismology Centre.

According to Google, this feature effectively transforms the phone into a miniature seismometer, utilizing the accelerometer as a seismograph. For instance, a phone plugged in for charging and placed on a table can detect initial signs of an earthquake. When multiple phones in an area detect similar movement, Google servers identify it as seismic activity. Subsequently, users receive alerts specifying the location and intensity of the earthquake.

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