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Indian Census 2011 – Alarming Signs

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annie-beasant2The Hindu population is now officially below 80% nationally as per the census. If we consider the undeclared Christian population to it, ( those who enjoy Hindu reservation benefits but practise Christianity), the numbers would be further lower to this. For those wondering why a reduced Hindu population should be a matter of concern, recall the words of Dr.Annie Beasant….

In 4 states, Muslim population has grown by over 2%. Muslims are near 97% in Lakshadweep, and 68% in J&K. 6 states have over 15% Muslim population.

States like Assam, Bengal which have seen a lot of infiltration of Muslims, but equally concerning is growth in a temple state like Uttarakhand. A recent visit to Nainital confirms that Muslims have virtually taken over large portions of this temple town which houses Naina Devi. Is it due to infiltration via Nepal or is it homegrown numbers?








Christian population is generally misleading since a lot of Christians do not officially show their numbers to enjoy Hindu reservation benefits. In the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu, the Christians would definitely be over 10%.

States like Arunachal Pradesh which had a ban on religious conversions see a free conversion spree. Christians grew by over 12%. Manipur had a Xtian growth of 7%.


From the above data, it is clear that Hindus are in a minority in the states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, J&K and in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. They are less than 65% in the states of Kerala, Goa, Assam, Manipur.

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The growth rate of population of the different religious communities in the same period was: 16.8% for Hindus, 24.6% for Muslims, 15.5% for Christians, 8.4% for Sikhs, 6.1% for Buddhists and 5.4% for Jains.

This is a serious matter. Only 6 decades ago, the country was partition on the basis of religion. The same community is now being allowed a free-hand in growing  their numbers. At the same time they enjoy privileges of minority rights, create sense of insecurity in the areas where they have larger numbers. History shows that whenever the Hindu numbers have reduced, those parts become communally very sensitive, lead to ethnic cleansing and ultimately lead to secession. इतिहास बताता है कि – जब-जब हिन्दू घटा, देश बंटा.

It is generally noted that such issues are not shared much among Hindus for the fear of being branded as “Non-Secular”. Hindus have to realise that unless they treat this an issue of national importance, we would lose all the civilization parameters based which our nation was called Bharat or Hindustan.


12 thoughts on “Indian Census 2011 – Alarming Signs

  1. We must take note of this development, it is very serious. In coming years situation will be more alarming. So step should be taken to make awareness at local level, mohlla level, Government should also make strong law to control the illegal entry in country from all side. Specially we have to keep close watch on Bangladesh and Nepal border. Within country close watch should be kept to control increasing population of muslim and christians. I am from Haryana, I can tell so many church activities are increasing in small town and even villages and churches are being built at small plasse illegally. No one is taking notice of that.

  2. I think there are 3 steps to be taken.
    1. Tightening the borders from migration from neighboring countries.
    2. Imposing strict family planning restrictions.
    3. Stoping the conversions from Hindus to other communities.

    Unless and untill we do not think on this issue, one fine morning 20 to 30 years from now, India will be made an Islam country, once if their population grows more than 51%.

    RSS has got very key role to play in this matter.

  3. uniform civil code and 2child policy. The BJP government must act or they are no worse than congress or other. Hindus must unite, progress and advance in all the fields.

  4. When handful of non-Hindus dominate us in our own country , what will be the scenario when Hindus would be left as a minority. instead of growing population we should insist on decreasing our tolerance.

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