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Kerala – AI camera detected that a bike was driven at a speed of 1240 km per hour

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras by the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department, to monitor traffic violations and penalise offenders has commenced its operations as of Monday. However, since the trial period, the AI cameras have faced significant criticism due to various inconsistencies.

According to JanamTV news report, the AI cameras have exhibited several flaws, prompting the involvement of Motor Vehicle Inspectors (MVIs) and Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors from the SAFE Kerala Enforcement Squad. These officials have been assigned to the control room to manually verify each offence. As a result, it has been determined that, on average, only 1,000 images can be manually reviewed per day in each control room. According to report, the data transfer from cameras across the state to the control room is not very fast.

However, an incident occurred last Tuesday during the process of uploading information onto a computer in one of the control rooms. In this case, AI camera reported that a bike was driven at a speed of 1240 km per hour. A challan (fine notice) was generated for an offence related to not wearing a helmet, with the violation recorded as “driving the vehicle at a speed of 1240 km per hour.”

Immediately, the Transport Commissioner’s office issued a verbal instruction to MVIs, not to issue challans with fines imposed due to such errors for the time being. A WhatsApp message was also sent regarding this without issuing an official circular, JanamTV reports.

The AI cameras continue to encounter various issues on a daily basis, further fuelling the ongoing concerns surrounding their effectiveness and reliability.

If there is a screw on the number plate, the camera evaluates it as zero.

Inputs – JanamTV

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