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Kerala – Massive robbery in famous Haripad temple

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Kochi. Haripad temple in Kerala was robbed in a massive theft that took place by breaking the locks of the shrine. The Sri Narinjil Temple’s Sri Kovil and Thitapalli were affected by the theft. The initial estimate indicates a total loss of Rs. 51,000 in the temple.

The robbers stole a seven-kilogram vigraha prabhadakam placed in the shrine, four hanging lamps weighing four kilograms, pooja pots weighing three kilograms, two lamps weighing three kilograms, a floor lamp weighing two and a half kilograms, and six small lamps weighing one and a half kilograms.

Additionally, a 10-kilogram urli, two small one-kilogram urlis, two gas stoves, and a steel show van were also stolen from Thitapalli.

Haripad police have registered a case and started an investigation. The robbery has caused a great deal of concern among the temple authorities and the devotees.

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