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MoS Education Bhavesh Kalita inaugurates Vidya Bharati “MyNEP” competition in Assam

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Guwahati. The “MyNEP” competition titled My Education My India organized by Vidya Bharati was officially inaugurated today by the Minister of State (Education) Bhavesh Kalita, Govt of Assam.

In addition to extensive discussion on the scope, scale and impact of national education policy reforms, the competition will also be included as part of a nationwide awareness campaign on the recently unveiled national education policy.

From 25 September Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Jayanti to 2 October Gandhi Jayanti, popular and attractive competitions based on MyNEP will be organized in the online medium – social media and website (www.mynep.in).

The My-NEP competition will be held in 13 languages, four sub-disciplines such as India-centric, holistic education, knowledge-based society and quality education. The competition is divided into three categories, first class of classes 9-12, second graduate category and third civil category. Important and attractive prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category, each contestant will receive a participation certificate.

Competitions such as handmade painting, mime-making, letter writing to the Prime Minister, speech competition, essay writing competition, short film direction (production), digital designing and Twitter thread creations will be organized under the My-NEP competition. Apart from these category-specific competitions, an interactive (informative) quiz on various aspects of national education policy will also be conducted through online medium. The names of the winners will be announced on “05 October 2020”.

During the inauguration, Minister Kalita said that the new National Education Policy will be helpful in furthering the country as well as Assam. The future generation of the country will be able to bring the specialty of India to the world stage by staying connected with its origin by getting education in mother tongue along with value based education.

At the program, Vidya Bharti North East Region General Secretary Sanchiram Payeng said that the education system imported from abroad has divided our country and left no stone unturned to hollow out the roots of the country. This loss can be expected to be offset by the introduction of a new national education policy.

As the honored guest, National Secretary of Vidya Bharati and Northeast Region Organization Sec. Brahmaji Rao praised the Shankardev Shishu Niketans running in Assam. He expressed the hope of making this movement more successful through the new National Education Policy, citing the imparting value-based education to the students through the silent movement being run in the field of education through the Niketan of Assam.

Srinivas ji, who was present as the keynote speaker, said that the concept that should be built in the creation of a knowledge-based society is contained in this new education policy and this will make India as a developed nation. . The new National Education Policy is a reflection of the aspirations of the society. Through this we can expect India Central Education to be successful.

Vidya Bharati North Assam Province Organization Sec Hemant Dhin Mazumdar explained how the new National Education Policy can help in bringing Assam within the country. Vidya Bharati has been doing this work since the beginning of the National Education Policy, which has kept the provision of elementary education through mother tongue. With the implementation of this policy, in the coming days, along with Assam, the Northeast region will also be on the path of progress.


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