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Muslim leaders should desist from secessionism, invadism, hatred and dogmatism – Dr. Surendra Jain

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New Delhi. VHP said that chauvinist, iniquitous and radical leaders like Mahmood Asad Madani, Badruddin Ajmal, etc., tried to instigate the Muslim society once again by raising the groundless slogan “Muslims are persecuted in India” at a Muslim conference held at Deoband – a throttlehold of radical Islam. The Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and radical Islamic leaders from Kashmir to Kerala came together to dare and confront the Bharatiya Constitution, the judiciary and the national society of Bharat to materialise their Ghazwa-e-Hind agenda.

VHP’s Central Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain said that it seems that the “Dasaanan” (Ten-headed Ravan) of Islamic dogmatism is vocalising the same idiom and lingo with different mouths. This idiom and lingo is the result of the invadist confusion, disorientation and clutterdness of these leaders. The Khilafat Movement which set off the Moplahs to massacre 20,000 Hindus and the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, originated in 1919 CE. He warned that Muslim leaders should desist from separatism, secessionism, aggressionism, invadism, hatred, persecutionism, dogmatism and anti-humanist attitudes.

He said it was not a mere coincidence. It is Bharat’s (India’s) misfortune that since then till a few years back [when ‘Rashtra Niti’ (‘national policy’) was brought to the centre stage with the great sense of certitude], ‘Muslim Appeasement’ had been the ‘best policy’ of the major chunk of ‘Rajniti’ (‘politics’) working in Bharat’s political ecosystem! Radical Islamist leaders had been blackmailing pseudo-secularist politicians to get their illegitimate demands fulfilled. The consent of the Congress Party leaders for the partition of Bharat was the consequence of this politics of blackmail. But for some years now the focus and determining factor of politics is not the Muslim vote bank or the Islamic canonical law Shariat, but the Constitution of Bharat. That’s why they are creating communal discord and cacophony in the country by viralling false stories and narratives of atrocities on Muslims.

Dr. Jain said that there should be a comprehensive discussion and debate on whether the Muslim society in Bharat is ‘a persecuted lot’ or they are the ‘aggressors and persecutors’. Attacks on more than 50 Ram-Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, etc., processions, violent attacks on Hindu society even on the day of Eid, ruthless killings of Hindus in many regions in West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Mewat (Haryana), etc., inhuman atrocities on Hindu girls trapped in ‘love jihad’, incidents of forced Islamic conversions are not the symptoms of a community that is ‘persecuted’, but these are the indicators of a community that is the ‘aggressor and persecutor’. Now even the judiciary is being directly dared and defied on the instigation of these leaders. The verdicts and orders of the judiciary in CAA, Hijab, Gyanvapi, Ayodhya, Mathura, etc., are being challenged by violence on the streets! Are these leaders leading their society towards the mediaeval barbaric beliefs and practices when the law of the jungle and the command of the violent mob were supreme and the truth or falsehood of a thing was decided on the basis of wickedness and demonic power?

VHP said that Mahmood Asad Madani, speaking the language of Jinnah, has clearly said that their culture is different from the rest of the country. Despite this, he repeatedly says to show his love for Bharat that his forefathers participated in the freedom struggle and chose not to go to Pakistan because of their love for Bharat! VHP believes that there should be an open discussion on this propaganda. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad clearly wrote in his book “India Wins Freedom” that most of the Muslim society of Bharat had kept their distance from the freedom struggle. In the 1946 elections, 90% of the Muslims of Bharat supported the Muslim League that partitioned and dismembered Maa Bharati on the basis of their unjustified “Two Nation Theory” (TNT) whereas they should have supported the “Nation First Theory” (NFT). Was it because of their ‘love for India’ that the 40% of those who supported partition remained in Bharat? This is not discernible from the behaviour and statements of the Asad Owaisis, the Abdullahs, the Muftis and other radical Islamic leaders after 1947.

It is clearly discernible from the speeches of Muslim leaders in Deoband that they do not want to give respect to the Constitution of Bharat, the judiciary and also the women of their society. That is why the Muslims were clearly instigated that by disregarding the judiciary and the parliament they should divorce their wives by firing the ‘Triple-Talaq’ missile at them. A call was given to reject the constitutional and judicial systems that stand for implementing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) that empowers and gives respect to women and instead go in for Shariat. The Muslim society will not accept the constitution but the Shariat, the judiciary will not be respected on matters like Gyanvapi, Mathura, etc. Now they want to move forward in the direction of insurgence and further division.

The VHP wants to make it clear that muslim leaders should give up their insistence on imposing Shariat and instead take the Muslim society on the path of following the judiciary and the constitution. They should identify with their indigenous roots and common national stock in the country, disowning attachments with the misdeeds, leftovers and remnants of foreign invaders. This is the path of co-existence which is essential for the development of all.

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