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Muzaffarnagar – Jamiat-e-Ulema threatens legal action after Muslim girls wears for fashion show

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Muzaffarnagar. A fashion show has angered Muslim body Jamiat-e-Ulema threatened as Muslim girls wore burqa for the show. They objected to the burqa being shown as an “item for fashion display” and questioned the education system.

The fashion show named ‘Splash 2023’, was organized in Muzaffarnagar’s Shriram Group of Colleges on Sunday night, where former Bollywood actress Mandakini and TV actor Radhika Gautam were the chief guests.

A clip of the fashion show went viral where women in burqa can be seen confidently walking down the ramp and greeting the audience with ‘adaab’.

While the organisers of the show said that it was a platform for Muslim women to show their creative side, Jamiat Ulama district convener Maulana Mukarram Qasmi expressed strong objection to it. He stated that the burqa should not be treated as an “item for fashion display”. He voiced concerns that such displays could target a specific religion and potentially hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community.

In response to the controversy, Qasmi issued a warning, suggesting that if similar events occurred in the future, legal action might be pursued. “We won’t hesitate to go to the High Court or Supreme Court for this. The burqa is a cloth which is worn by a Muslim woman whenever she goes out of the house so that no other person can see her face. The burqa is used as a curtain. It is completely wrong to use burqa in fashion shows by sewing it in red or yellow clothes”.

Earlier, in June, a video of woman at an alcohol shop in Muzaffarnagar had gone viral. She was apparently stopped by three miscreants from buying liquor, and warned of “consequences”, if she tried to do it again.

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