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Return of Sivapuram Nataraja – A Fruitful Resurgence

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Sivapuram villagers conducted a festival on November 27. The village witnessed a big procession of devotees to the accompaniment of Nadaswaram. They were in an ecstatic mood. They have won a case to bring back the historic Nataraja to Sivagurunatha Swamy temple, Sivapuram, near Kumbakonam. The idol was brought back to the temple after 66 years.

The event is perceived as an example of Hindu resurgence by discerning observers. When, in those days, the idol was sent by the temple for cleaning and chemical treatment to a craftsman, it was found smuggled from Bharat. A legal battle ensued. Government of India won the case and brought back the Nataraja idol from the possession of a Canadian company.

It is worth remembering how late archaeologist Dr. R. Nagaswamy played a crucial role in the case arguments. It was kept in Tiruvarur Idol Chest of the state Government. Devotees filed a petition before the local magistrate to hand over the idol for worship. It was granted.  Sivapuram Village welcomed the deity amid celebrations. The antiquity of the idol is significant: The Chola era idol is believed to have been gifted by Sembiyan Mahadevi, grandmother of the mighty Rajaraja Chola of 11th century CE.

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