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Speaking Up for Kerala Hindu Pride; The Story of Sujaya Parvathy

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Parvathy is the name that has been trending on Kerala social media circles for the past few days. She is a senior Malayali journalist and a familiar face among Malayalis worldwide.

So why is she trending? On March 8th, Sujaya addressed a women’s conference organized by the trade union BMS (Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh) in connection with International Women’s Day. In a left-dominated state where even a devout Hindu is looked upon as a “Sanghi”, this was a gross mistake. To make things worse, she praised the work of the central government under Narendra Modi in her speech. She also mentioned that several people questioned her about her decision to attend that event, with some even asking her if she was a “Sanghi”.

She continued in her speech, saying that if attending a BMS event makes her a Sanghi, then so be it! A day later, she was suspended by her employer 24 News. The irony is that the CEO of 24 News, Srikantan Nair, has in the past attended events organized by CITU and other communist-affiliated organizations.

“Fascism” is a term used by Communists wherever possible to throw mud at nationalists. However, this is something that’s practiced and perfected by Communists, and it was clearly demonstrated in this instance. Her suspension was met with shock and anger.

Soon, protest marches were organized by BMS to the head office of 24 News. It is also said that Gokulam Gopalan, one of the main shareholders of 24 News, did not approve of her suspension. A few days later, Sujaya attended another public event where she reiterated that she stood by what she said in the first meeting that ended in her suspension.

The management of 24 News eventually gave in to pressure from various quarters and decided to revoke her suspension. Sujaya re-joined on March 29th. As if she wanted to send a message, she wore a saffron costume in her first news broadcast after re-joining. And in true movie style, she sent in her resignation to 24 News that same night. Sujaya has made it clear that she will stay in the media field, although she hasn’t spelled out her plans clearly. In a state where Communists make it their pastime to hurt and dent Hindu pride by interfering in temples and in the Hindu way of life, and where Hindus feel cornered in every possible way, Sujaya Parvathy is a true inspiration and a shining example of how Hindus must stand firm against Communist fascism and speak up for what matters the most to them. Kerala Hindus are proud of you, Sujaya Parvathy!

Courtesy – Anand #IndianFromSouth

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