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Tamilandu – Special consideration for one community, Why?

Chennai (VSK). When many Tablighi Jamaatis were found to be Chinese Corona Virus positive, the State Government tried to cover this up. State health department resorted to expressions like “the Nizamuddin Markaz attendees” while citing them as the reason for the sudden spurt in positive cases. However, as other States reported the figures separately (Tabligh & Public), Tamil Nadu Health Secretary started mentioning them as “Single Source Event” attendees. Why this soft-peddling CM? That too even after they misbehaved with health workers by not co-operating to undergo test, by switching off their mobile phones and threatening the government servants.

Annadhanam is a unique aspect of Hindu culture and our temples are beacons of heralding this noble cause. However, to the shock and surprise of common public, Tamil Nadu government has decided to provide tonnes of rice to mosques during Ramzan for distribution among Muslims at Iftar. At the same time, taking Rs 10 Crores from Hindu temples for donation to TN Relief Fund. Why deprive Hindus of Anna Daanam just to appease Muslims?

A Muslim organization shot off a letter to TN Government to give permission (as in the past) to provide special food to Muslim prisoners in various jails during Ramzan month. It appears that TN Government may yield to this pressure as well. People ask, ‘How come criminals get special privilege in the prison, just because they belong to one particular community?’

The last straw in the camel’s back is the letter written by TN CM to Delhi CM to take “special care” of Muslims (Tablighi Jamaatis) quarantined in Delhi, who went there to attend Nizamuddin markaz event. Are the Muslims the only ones from Tamil Nadu who are outside the State now and who require special care, one wonders. There are so many Tamil speaking people outside the State right now and stranded due to lockdown. As a CM, is it not a basic expectation of people of the State that their CM will take care of all (irrespective of religion)? But, the non-Muslim Tamils are shocked to note that their CM has chosen to exhibit care for people belonging to a particular community.

TN CM may not do these things intentionally, but his actions are casting aspersions on his credibility. Hence, TN CM Edappadi Palaniswamy should desist from actions which are seen as open appeasement and partial. Will he? To put it in a nutshell, the actions of the Tamil Nadu State Government in the recent past evokes a lot of questions in the minds of common public with regard to its secular credentials and impartiality.

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