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Palghar murder – not just an incident, but the nakedness of left and missionary terror!

The murder of sadhu saints in Palghar district is shocking to all Indians. A wave of anger has erupted in the state of Maharashtra and its repercussions are being felt across the country. Why did this happen, how did it happen, that our own brothers and sisters kill the sadhus who have given up such respectable material comforts in our own society? When looking for the reasons behind this phenomenon which raises questions about humanity, we have to think beyond the immediate context.

Take a closer look at the part of the country where saffron-clad saints were killed by a mob.

Whether it is the brutal killing of three at Palghar, the killing of five saffron-clad men at Dhule-Nandurbar, the murder in Chandrapur district, or the murder of Swami Laxmanand at Kandhamal, all these places are tribal-dominated and under the influence of communist organizations and Christian missionaries.

In the pre-independence period, the British and their Christian missionaries, who had received the patronage of the British, worked to divide the tribes and other Hindu communities who worshiped nature and polytheism. The British left, but the insidious activities of Communist organizations and Christian missionaries continued to grow. So, the tribals are still stuck in cultural slavery.

Seventy years have passed since Swarajya (Self-rule) came into existence today, but the Congress politics, which is in love with socialism and intoxicated with corruption, has not been able to provide simple electricity to thousands of villages in the country, let alone the development of the tribal areas. After independence, the indigenous rulers embraced the socialist ideology of plundering the rich and making the poor poorer. The country wasted 45 years in the socialist experiment of Chacha, who became the Prime Minister in the name of the so-called ‘democratic process’, while he was expected to adopt a policy of economic freedom that would drive the manufacturing sector to meet the minimum material needs of the entire country. After economic liberalization, 25 years were lost in corruption. Therefore, not even an inch of development happened in the tribal areas of the country in seventy years. Now, in the tribal areas where the government is trying to implement development plans, Naxalites in some places, while in other places, other leftists are acting as pricking shrubs. In addition to this, separatist organizations played the role of giving a separate identity of “Mool-Nivashis” and have fooled the tribals for years.

Christian missionaries and separatist organizations have successfully carried out the work of sowing poison about their culture and Hindutva among the poor, uneducated, and troubled tribes in the area. Rebellious myths about how the rest of Hindu society is responsible for all their real and imaginary problems were created and those rebellious myths were enforced over the years. As a result, extreme hatred was created in the Janajati community towards the rest of the Hindu community, about the symbols of Hindutva, about saffron and that community became culturally distant from the country. While taking hefty amounts from enemy nations, some rebel casteist organizations run a movement among the tribal Hindus saying “We are not Hindus”. In the recent past, instead of burning Ravana in that area, the form of worshiping Ravana has been seen to be carried out by separatist crooks. In some places in Palghar district, there was an unconstitutional movement like the Pathalgadhi agitation (declaring that part to be independent and not from that state and forbidding anyone from outside even the police to come and a stone was installed at the gate of the village as a sign of different entity). Not only that but the Citizenship Amendment Act which had nothing to do with the tribal community, which is an integral part of the country, creating an atmosphere of insecurity these separatist crooks said that the law is against them. The separatists have committed a destructive act that was detrimental to social cohesion and national unity. Uncountable several such wounds have already been inflicted by communists and Christian missionaries and this murder in Palghar is the last wound!

Most of the accused arrested in the massacre have been identified as Communist Party (Marxist) activists.

The affluent Hindu community in urban areas has completely ignored the Janajati brothers. Organizations like ‘Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram’ are trying to solve the problems of the tribal community by understanding them and working hard on how to strengthen the bonds of cultural unity. But in the face of the enormous funding to the missionaries from West, these efforts are in vain. So this battle in nature is unbalanced with weight more on the missionaries and the communists’ side. The Hindu community in urban areas has to understand the issues of the Janajati brothers. Efforts will have to be made through governmental and non-governmental means to meet their minimum material needs. The intentions of Christian missionary and aboriginal racist organizations should be identified, they will have to be thwarted, the poison they have sown needs to be drained and cultural ties with the tribal brothers will have to be re-established. Then the saffron flag with all its dignity will be seen flying high in the sky in the nature-rich tribal areas.

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