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    Maharashtra – Temple looted, saints attacked in Palghar

    Mumbai. Three unidentified men attacked temple priests in Palghar, and looted valuables worth Rs 6,800 in the early hours of Thursday. The unidentified men broke into Jagrut Mahadev Mandir and Ashram at Balivali in Vasai, Palghar District. According to the police, they attacked Shankaranand Dayanand Saraswati (54) and his co-worker Shyamsingh Somsingh Thakur (60) the two priests of Jagrut Mahadev Temple. Th ...

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    What Provoked Palghar…? Jo Janana Jaroori Hai

    The Mahant of Tryambekeshwar Dakshinmukhi Hanuman Temple Kalpvriksha Giri Maharaj (70), his fellow Mahant Sushil Giri Maharaj (35) and their driver Nelesh Telgade (30) were killed in heinous lynching on April 16, 2020. This brutality was carried out in Gadchinchale village in Palghar district of Maharashtra. While we condemn this heinous crime, it is equally important for us to draw parallels between variou ...

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    Palghar – CID action exposes involvement of CPM, NCP activists

    Palghar. Involvement of local activists of the Communist Party (Marxist) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) was exposed with the arrest of four more accused by the CID while investigating the case. Four activists of the Communist Party (Marxist) and NCP are amongst those arrested by the CID in this case. Videos of the lynching of two Panchdashnami Juna Akhara sadhus – Mahant Kalpvruksh Giri Maharaj (70) a ...

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    Sadhus lynching in Palghar – Misunderstanding, Mob Fury or Maoist Conspiracy?

    Mumbai. Over a fortnight has passed but there is hardly any headway in solving the mystery behind the ghastly murder of two Panchdashnami Akhara Sadhus and their driver that happened at Gadchinchle Forest Check Post in Maharashtra’s Palghar district on the night of April 16th. The incident which came to the limelight only after three days shocked the entire nation already grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic ...

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    The wounded and upset nation paid tributes to the Ven. Palghar saints

    New Delhi. The nation, enraged by the brutal mass murder of venerable saints and their driver at Palghar, today lighted a lamp to pay its respects to the righteous souls and reiterated its demand for the harshest of punishment for the culprits! Offering his tribute by lighting a lamp at the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) headquarters in South Delhi, VHP’s Central Secretary General Milind Parande said that it i ...

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    Palghar murder – not just an incident, but the nakedness of left and missionary terror!

    The murder of sadhu saints in Palghar district is shocking to all Indians. A wave of anger has erupted in the state of Maharashtra and its repercussions are being felt across the country. Why did this happen, how did it happen, that our own brothers and sisters kill the sadhus who have given up such respectable material comforts in our own society? When looking for the reasons behind this phenomenon which r ...

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    Nationwide tribute to Palghar martyrs on 28th – VHP

    New Delhi. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), furious over the brutal mass murder of revered saints and their driver in Palghar, has announced nationwide programmes on April 28. This day marks the auspicious birth anniversaries of Adya Shankaracharya Ji, Sant Surdas Ji and Shri Ramanujacharya Ji. The Central Secretary General of VHP, Milind Parande has called upon the Hindu society to pay homage, from their respe ...

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    Christian & leftist activities mothering Palghar like incidents – VHP

    Why the Punjab attackers not yet arrested asks Milind Parande New Delhi. After Palghar, expressing his rage now over a murderous attack on a saint Dandi Swami Ven. Pushpendra ji Maharaj in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, the Central Secretary General of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Milind Parande said that Christian missionary and leftist activities have been mothering Palghar like deadly attacks in the country. India is a D ...

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    Mob lynching OR A conspired Murder?

    Kalpesh Joshi Mumbai On the 21st of April five days have passed by since the Palghar incident. It has been three days since the incident came to light on social media and two days in the media. During these eight days, a lot of things happened, there were reactions, it involved politics. But, some facts have come to the fore on this occasion. So whether the Palghar massacre is a rumored mob lynching or a pl ...

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    #Palghar murder, Kashtakari Sangathana and Communist

    Mumbai. On 16-04-2020, two Hindu Sadhus and their driver were brutally lynched in Palghar. A policeman is seen in the video literally handing over Shri Kalpvriksh Giri, 70, elder of the two Sadhus, to the murderous mob, after bringing him out of the safety of the Forest Deptt. chowki. Three days after the incident are released videos of that horrendous murder. Now, speculations that the Sadhus were sent off ...

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