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Ultimate Goal of RSS Vishwaguru Bharat………16/18

Vijayadashami Lekh-Mala

Incomplete and Fragmented Independence

Narender Sehgal

With full consent of Indian National Congress and Muslim League, Britishers after dividing our ancient nation left for their country. Congressmen who went about begging and bargaining for freedom, cannot imagine even remotely the pain and sorrow of lacs of those freedom fighters’ souls who sacrificed their whole lives fighting for freedom of undivided India. Indian nation had never accepted even for a day the 1200 years of forced rule by foreigners but continuously resisted it. There was not a moment when our nationalist icons did not keep the flame of freedom burning in one or the other part of our nation. Generations continued to hand over the torch of freedom to successive generations and consistently fought the invaders. But when this torch ultimately reached Indian National Congress founded by an Englishman, the fight for freedom changed to begging and bargaining. A new country carved out of our ancient nation, symbolising victory of foreign invaders and barbarians was formed. This symbol of the barbarians victory or Pakistan has been the breeding ground of barbarians who are now hell bent upon destroying human values and humanity in the world. Terrorism is being exported from the terror factories mushrooming in this country. This is the price of partition which not only our country is paying but other nations also.

Congress Backstabbed Freedom Fighters by accepting Partition of Bharat

Just after the 2nd world war ended in 1945, flag bearers of British imperialism had concluded that the Sun was finally going to set in British Empire. After the war, Britain had lost the power and resources to rule and control most of its overseas empires. Economic and other domestic compulsions had forced colonial powers to declare independence to their overseas colonies. Britishers had left Jordon in 1946, Palestine in 1947, Sri Lanka and Myanmar in 1948.  They had realised that it is time to leave India gracefully. Subhash Bose’s slogan ‘Delhi Chalo’ had already ignited rebellion in British Indian army. In line with secret agreement of RSS and Veer Savarkar with Subhash Bose, army Jawans were ready to act as per plan.

Those Jawans had joined armed forces with clear vision that after military training, they would fight Britishers. According to historian Devender Swaroop, classified documents of intelligence agencies in the custody of National archives mention that RSS had discussed a plan in their secret meeting in Nagpur on 20th September 1943, in the context of Azad Hind Fauj’s march towards India with the Japanese support. Mutiny in navy had scared the Britishers as they expected similar revolt in other wings of armed forces which would have led to large scale bloodshed.

Britishers even wanted to leave as early as in 1946 but Congress was not confident to handle the situation and wanted Britishers to stay for some time. Ultimately Britishers declared their intention to leave by June 1948. Now it had become clear that the freedom struggle had reached its last leg. The challenge before nationalist leaders and organisations was not about political independence but about maintaining unity and integrity of the country.

Unfortunately for our nation, the 1200 years old torch of freedom that had reached a challenging moment came in the hands of the Congress party, which miserably failed to face the challenge at this critical turn of history.

Aging old guard of Congress party instead of handing over freedom struggle to next generation, preferred division of the country for the sake of gaining political power. In the words of Pandit Nehru, “We were tired, we have turned old. To continue the freedom fight meant again Satyagraha and going to jails. We thus had no option but to accept partition.” According to political pandits, if we had waited for one more year, we would have achieved our mission of complete freedom of undivided India. But the Congress party succumbed to the temptations of Britishers ‘bait and prostrated before separatism, appeasement and sacrificed the principles of nationalism by giving constitutional sanction to communalism.

Congress was trapped in the British Conspiracy

Eye witness to the happenings before partition, Shri Dattopant Thengdi said “Britishers leaving India was inevitable but partition was actually avoidable.” If Indian National Congress had called out the nation to come forward for continued agitation, lacs of Indians would have joined to achieve the target of complete independence for undivided India. But Congress party, Muslim league and left parties knelt before the anti-India conspiracy of Britishers. Nationalist forces against partition started gathering strength and Britishers soon realised that if these forces were able to organise and strengthen themselves, they would pose a threat to their designs.

According to the third Sarsanghchalak Bala Saheb Deoras, “Britain was afraid of emerging nationalist forces and had decided to leave ten months earlier than their announced date”. The then Governor General Lord Mountbatten had accepted, “We were able to resolve the problem before any credible and strong opposition against partition emerged.” The partition that took place on 15th August, 1947 was not only a division of land but breaking of the sacred idol of Bharat Mata worshiped and adored over thousands of years by countless freedom fighters, great saints and divine souls.

As soon as formation of Pakistan was declared, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Muslim league launched infamous Direct Action in Muslim majority areas. Hindus were subjected to not less than any holocaust. Genocide, mass rape of Hindu women, looting ‘ male-i-ganeemat’ was on unprecedented scale. It is estimated more than 30 lacs were killed. When first nominated Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was hoisting divided India’s tri colour in the midnight of 15th August, lacs of Hindus and Sikhs in their blood-soaked belongings were heading towards what was now Bharat. The coaches of trains coming from Pakistan were full of heaps of dead bodies. Some were injured and others were dying. Those who managed to cross the border paid a very heavy price of freedom.

The Myth that Nonviolence got us Freedom

When the mayhem of blood bath was going in our motherland, some leaders were quoting a song dedicated to Gandhiji, mentioning that he got us freedom by not even lifting the sword. The narrative being popularised that nonviolence got us freedom is an insult to our freedom fighters and other icons like our valiant defenders like Prithvi Raj Chohan, Lalitaditya, Rana Sanga, Maharana Partap, Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Govind Singh, Subhash Bose, Sardar Bhagat Singh and Dr. Hedgewar. Their relentless efforts of resistance and fight  for 1200 years was compromised by Congress, in a matter of a few days for the sake of political power against the wishes of Gandhiji.

India finally got independence for which we paid a very heavy price. Seats of power where Britishers were sitting, were now occupied by our own people. There was only an exchange of rulers given their mindset while setup and system remained the same. This is incomplete independence as it only meant political independence.

While fighting against British rulers, Gandhiji made a distinct place for himself and was adored for his principles which included nonviolence, Swadeshi production, high moral values and self-dignity. After independence, new rulers abandoned those very principles. Result was mental slavery that resulted in alien mental setup which was not connected to our country’s ground level. Ideals of Swadeshi, own cultural values, own language, RAM Rajya and Swarajya were discarded. Instead the language, seeds of corruption, communalism, appeasement and new politics of caste, language and religion were planted.

Till that time our Geography, constitution, educational system, economic policies, culture and social setup are guided blindly by Western thought, a question mark will always be there on our complete independence. Accepting incomplete independence of divided India, creation of Pakistan and dominance of Western thought process will always be treated as deceiving the ideals of freedom fighters. We should not forget those valiant leaders of masses and common man who dreamt of liberating their Nation consistently for more than 1200 years, to restore the status of our nation to a powerful nation. History is testimony to the fact that we never used power to conquer and plunder the nations but spread the message of peace and philosophical values of mutual coexistence. Our ancestors when powerful were torch bearers of human values and guided the world through human sufferings. We were amply called Vishwaguru and RSS is striving to achieve that status. For that we should never forget the idea of complete independence of undivided India.

………………..to be continued

(Writer is Senior journalist and columnist)

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